Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The End of the Year Book Tag

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And yes, it is the end of the year, but there's still a couple weeks left until 2018
That's CRAZY!
But it also means I'll be super busy with all my favourite posts
(Such as Favourites of 2017, and what I want to do in 2018)
to do this tag, plus it's around the usual time that I post a tag, so why not?
Though, glancing at the questions, I probably should have done this tag last month.
But nevertheless, here's "The End of the Year Book Tag"!

1. Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?
Not at the moment... Okay, I tend to start one book, and either finish it, or if I can't finish, to DNF. There kind of isn't an in-between. I only have one or two exceptions. If I have just started it, and I'm not really feeling it, and I feel myself slipping into a reading slump do I put it to one side, so I can read a favourite, and only then do I come back to it.
So I do not currently have any books that I have started, but have not yet finished at this point. 

2. Do you have any autumnal books that you need to transition to the end of the year?
Again, not at the moment. I am a season reader, but I haven't come across a whole lot of autumnal books so far his yeah (barely any, actually), so again, none at the moment. 

3. Is there a new release you're still waiting for?
Not in December, unfortunately. But I am looking forward to seeing what I think of Zenith, the first in the Andromeda Saga, which is released 16th January. 

4. What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?

Those on my December TBR, but specifically the last two books left that I have for the Skulduggery Pleasant series, as well as Strange the Dreamer. I NEED to get to Strange the Dreamer before the year is out. 

5. Is there a book you think could still shock you and become your favourite book of the year?
Strange the Dreamer, for sure! I have been hearing nothing but fantastic reviews for this wonderfully, dreamy, surreal fantasy book with the amazing whimsical writing and unforgettable characters.  

6. Have you started making plans for 2018?
Yes... I gave you a started idea in this post: TBR Jar (2018) but there wasn't anything concrete in that post, so as for my specific plans for 2018, that post will come at a later date...

So that was The End of the Year Book Tag! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any questions or answers about this tag, let me know in the comments!
I am having a big of a sluggish reading month, but hopefully that picks up.
I'll see you all on Friday, goodbye!!!!

-Abi xxxxxx

Monday, 11 December 2017

Standalones I Can't Believe I Haven't Read Yet (Update)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
Since I did an update on the trilogy/series/duology version of this last week, it seemed fitting that I do an update on the standalones (also I've read about half of them from the 2015 version anyway, so I reckon it's time for an update).
So, here's the list!

1. Hunted, by Meagan Spooner
Yes, I have checked, this is, in fact a standalone, and so it's top of my list. I know little to nothing about this, except that class is a theme that's discussed, and it's also a Beauty and the Beast retelling. And it's Beauty herself that goes to hunt the Beast down, after her father goes missing. But this looks super interesting, and let's face it: there's a bunch of hype for this in Booktube. Hope to read this soon.

2. Paintbrush, by Hannah Buchin
This sounds like nothing I've ever read before, which right there is something that interests me right off the bat because I am always on the look out to read more diverse reads, and I feel like, even with just the introduction to go on, this will be quite a diverse read, for sure. I mean, it's set in India, in the town of Paintbrush Community Village, and the story is about the people of this town, but two friends in particular, and even though they are aiming for completely different things as graduation approaches, when Mitchell's mother makes an announcement that rocks the whole village, these two friends cling to eachother. This is a story that is tasked with one question: Will this friendship that has become something more, last the distance? From what I know, this is a coming of age story about romance, friendship, family, and the town of Paintbrush. If you can't tell, I can't wait to read this amazingly original book.

3. The Assassin Game, by Kirsty McKay
This is the first book that is on the list that has, after checking the reviews out on Goodreads, that has actually had mixed reviews. Yes, the concept has been done before, I bet, but I would like to take a chance on this book, just to see what I think of it, from a blogger's view. People said in the comments for this book that it's more YA than they would like, and even though that makes it sound like something I wasn't anticipating, the fact that it's more YA than I thought, might not necessarily be a bad thing. So I'm interesting to see what I think of it.

4. The Child In Time, by Ian McEwan
Basically, the way I came to possess this book was: I watched the programme starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and there was just something super interesting about seeing the repercussions of this father, and all the people around him, when his daughter just goes missing, when they go shopping one day. Seemingly out of thin air. The tv show was about what happened after. And then on impulse, I happened to find a copy in Air Ambulance, and I picked it up. This book is super short, so I hope to fly through it either this month, or in January.

5. Sleeping Beauties, by Stephen King
This one looks kind of surreal. It's a story where woman that go to sleep: do not wake up. They go into like a cocoon-ie type state. Do not wake them up, they become savage. And men are left in the world that the women leave when they fall asleep. Also, there's one woman that does can go to sleep, but does not go to this mystery land. The question stands: should this woman be studied,  or is she a demon that must be slayed? And what is this mystery land? Sleeping beauties, everybody. You see what I mean when I say it seems so surreal? Because the concept is simple, but BIG. It's like he takes something simple, but it's not small, but something that is enough to fill a whole world of book, if that makes sense. Probably doesn't, but I can't explain it any other way.

So those are the standalones that I think I want to read the most, there are undoubtedly more than that, and you can check them out on my "Want to read" page for my Goodreads. But I think those are probably my front runners at the moment. Let's hope I can read them all by the 11th December, 2018!
Mark your phone and watches people, challenge accepted!
Do you think I can do it? Let me know in the comments below!

So that is my post for today! I hope you have a good week, and I will see you all on Wednesday!

-Abi xxxxxx

Friday, 8 December 2017

30 Day Writing Challenge

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
So, I was searching for inspiration on Pinterest (if your not on there, get on it)
And I stumbled upon this thing.
So, I'm doing a blog post on it, because it looks interesting.

Okay, so this... 30 Day Writing Challenge...

What is it?

I had no idea this was a thing!

From what I can see, there are a bunch of these, depending on which one you think you can write about most. There isn't an official one, which both surprises me, but also doesn't, because everyone's blog is always a little bit different to everybody else's, and even though the blog posts wouldn't be exactly the same, who would want to follow the crowd if you had the choice?
And they look like this!

So basically, it's a challenge where you write whatever it says on the day. You post every single day of the month, and you have the choice to follow somebody else's, or create your own.
If I was considering participating in this, I would probably create my own, because from what I saw, there weren't really many book blog versions of this.

I'm probably not the first book blogger to discover this (I'd be very surprised if I am) and I hope that I'm not the last, so I think I might possibly attempt this some time next year.
Book version, of course!
And possibly films and musicals too!

So I pose the question: Have you heard of this too, for those with blogs?
Have you participated, did you complete the challenge, and what did you think of it? Did you enjoy it, or wish you'd never discovered it?
For the readers, would this be something you'd be interested in seeing?
Let me know in the comments!

So that is all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed it!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to read (or write) lots!

-Abi xxxxxx

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A Brief Message

Hey guys, this is Abi here,

And I am here with a message.

This month... I'm not too sure how much I will be posting.

There are a number of reasons.

Reason 1)

Okay, I am just super busy with a certain piece of work that is a H-U-G-E part of my final grade.
It would be just my luck (and brain) to screw it up, so I am hyper focusing on getting through it, and being focused on it, and making it better than usual.

Which is why I'm not really going to make posting on here a priority.

I hope you understand, this is more of less something I do for a hobby, to take a break from the zillions of responsibilities that I currently have.
(*Sigh* Adulting)

But unfortunately, those things have to come first.

Kind of.

Reason 2)
... What do I say for this one...

Okay. As of last week, something drastic changed for a loved one's health...

Well, deteriorated....


I don't need to say anymore than that, do I?

That comes first.

The end.

So, I'm sorry guys, but those kind of things just have to take priority. They can't not. Sorry, double negative.
But, who knows?!
They may not impact my blogging schedule at all!
But I'm not going to say don't expect me to post, because I'm putting no pressure on myself this month.
Just warning you know.

So, that is all I will be posting today!
I have to apologise for this very vague and brief post, but I feel like I had to mention it on my blog because not everybody follows me on twitter (@TheWorldIsBooks)
So... that's all I have for you all today!
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you all on Friday (maybe).

-Abi xxxxxx

Friday, 1 December 2017

December TBR (2017)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I feel like it became December about a week ago because it's more or less minus degree here at the moment. My hands are literally about to fall off. 
But no more about the weather, or the coldness of it, here's my TBR for the final month of 2017!

1. Finish the Skulduggery Pleasant series
I am currently on Book 8 (Last Stand of Dead Men), and I have:

  • Last Stand of Dead Men 
  • The Dying of the Light
  • Armageddon Outta Here (Short stories)
  • Resurrection Left to read, which shouldn't take all that long (hopefully).

As for the rest of my TBR, nothing else is really a priority. I think this month I'll just read what I want, and let you know in the wrap-up.

There is however, one book that I am definitely putting on my TBR this month.
And that book is...

2. Strange the Dreamer, by Laini Taylor
This book has been on my TBR so long it's become pitiful. Everything else after Skulduggery Pleasant is a maybe, but this is something I just have to get to. This is happening. 

As for anything else, I think I'm just going to read what I want to read, and try not to plan anything. It's the end of the year and I have a feeling that if I try to plan anything else I just won't stick to it. 
So, that was my December TBR! I know it was a short one, but hopefully I'll finish all of these and get to read some more as well. 
Wish me luck!

As for you, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you get some good reading done!

-Abi xxxxxx

Monday, 27 November 2017

November Wrap Up (2017)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And even though my November Wrap Up was scheduled for Wednesday, I've decided to focus all the time I have on my novel, so I'm telling you know that I've decided not to post on Wednesday.
But on the other hand, here's my wrap up for this month!

I read a total of 9 books, and these were basically the books on my TBR. The list is:

1. Turtles All the Way Down, by John Green
I did not include this on my TBR because by the time I'd posted this, I'd already finished it. Review coming for this at some time in December, especially as I have yet to review a John Green book, and the next one, we may have to wait a while for!
One thing I will say about this book is that it's so easy to put yourself in Aza's ever tightening circle of anxiety that she has you squirming in your seat at some of her more intense thoughts...
Especially when she's driving.
I'll leave it at that. So, to put it bluntly, if you get squeamish easily, prepare yourself.

The film for this truly wonderful is out Friday, and I am so glad that I managed to pick it up beforehand. I am of course, going to see the film, and I will definitely be reviewing it.
Or, I could do a comparing post, between the two? Let me know in the comments if that's something you think you'd be interested in!
But this whole book... is just beautiful. The quotes "Be kinder!" Just makes my heart melt. And the message behind it, it almost made me cry. Absolutely, one of my favourites for this year. Totally recommend!

3. Skulduggery Pleasant (Skulduggery Pleasant #1), by Derek Landy

4. Playing With Fire (Skulduggery Pleasant #2), by Derek Landy

5. The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant #3), by Derek Landy

6. Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant #4), by Derek Landy

7. Mortal Coil (Skulduggery Pleasant #5), by Derek Landy

8. Death Bringer (Skulduggery Pleasant #6), by Derek Landy

9. Kingdom of The Wicked (Skulduggery Pleasant #7), by Derek Landy

So... I haven't finished the entire series... yet. I have a couple of books, as well as the spin-off that I'm currently reading, and the collection of novellas before I finished my re-read of Skulduggery Pleasant, and at the moment I am absolutely loving this trilogy. I can't believe how alike it all is (well, of course it is because it's a re-read). But it's so strange, and so amazing, getting to fall in love with the characters, and the story and the world, all over again.
I feel like I've talked this series to death on here, but for me, this is the series, the one I grew up with, the one I can't seem to let go off. And I don't want to.
Just, try it. Because this series is magic.

As for TV SHOWS/ FILMS and WRITING, I haven't really done or watched much of either.
Though I did slick The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which is one of my favourite films. And not just for Ezra Miller who, did you know, played Credence in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them?!?! And I figured it out, all by myself!

So, that is my November Wrap Up (2017)! I hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget to let me know in the comments if you would like to see a Wonder comparison post!
I hope you have a lovely day, and get you're nose stuck in lots of books!

-Abi xxxxx

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Top Trilogies and Series' I Can't Believe I Haven't Read Yet (Update)

Hey guys, this is Abi here, 
And since it's been (near enough) two years since I've done this post, I figured it was time for an update! 
2018 is the year when I shall get to at least half of these (hopefully), but there's no point if you don't stay positive, at least. 
Also, I am including duologies in this, because I have a couple.
Without further ado, here's the list! 

1. Monsters of Verity Duology, by V.E Schwab
This duology is basically the top of I NEED TO READ list. The amount of fantastic reviews that I have read about this duology, is insane, and I will most definitely be getting to this early in 2018. Definitely. I can't wait. Really.

2. To All The Boys I've Loved Before Trilogy, by Jenny Haan
This is slightly different to the rest of the books on this list. It's super cutesy from what I know, and every contemporary fan in the entire world is raving about this series. I'm thinking I'll read this around April-May time, just when it's starting to get warmer.
Looking forward to a change in the usual trilogies I tend to pick up.

3. Shades of Magic Trilogy, by V. E Schwab
Yet another trilogy by V.E Schwab, and another I know absolutely nothing about. I know there's magic, and I know they can travel to different... dimensions. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by attempting to guess, and what I'm going to do is... go into this completely blind and not even try to guess what it could possibly be about.

4. Red Queen Series, by Victoria Aveyard
Although this series isn't yet complete, I still have to read King's Cage before War Storm is released next year. I don't know how I'm going to feel about King's Cage, especially as it took me a while to get through it, but hopefully I enjoy it, and I pick up War Storm in 2018!

5. Mistborn Trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson
This trilogy is sat on my shelf, waiting to be read at the moment. But I think the reason why I haven't picked it up yet is because it's so intimidating! But I just have to bite the bullet and dedicate a month to it so I can marathon the full trilogy and read it in full.

6. Throne of Glass Series, by Sarah J Maas
As for this one, I'm going to wait until all of this series is released, until I pick it up again. I don't know when the last book gets released, but after that, I'm just going to marathon this as soon as I get the chance. I've read The Assassin's Blade, and Throne of Glass, and I wasn't a big fan. But apparently it gets better after Crown of Midnight, so I will begrudgingly carry on with the series.

7. Tiny Pretty Things Duology, by Sona Charaipotra 
I legit just heard about this like last week. It's about dancers in an academy. There's diversity, perfection and from what I know, intense. I have never read a book about ballet before, and I'm so happy to find out what I think about this duology.

So, I am aware that this is late, but I just...
ran out of time.
But I wanted to post it anyway!

So! That was my Top Trilogies and Series' I Can't Believe I Haven't Read Yet- update!
I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know in the comments if you've read any of these, and have an opinion, or if there are any that you haven't yet read, but want to.

So, I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I will see you all on Monday!

-Abi xxxxx