Monday, 30 May 2016

May Wrap Up (2016)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And this is the last opportunity I have to post in May, which means MAY WRAP UP!

May Wrap Up (2016) 
So, I didn't complete all the books that I wanted to this month. Didn't even come close. Saying that, I did say that it wasn't likely that I would finish all these books, but I was still kind of expecting to.

Saying that, there is still two days left of May, so I may still finish one, but not two.

So here's the list of books that I finished in the month of May! (I can't believe how fast this month has gone by). I only read 3 books this month, and I feel so awful about it! Those books were:

1. City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3), by Cassandra Clare
2. City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4), by Cassandra Clare
3. City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5), by Cassandra Clare

So, my goal for the month of May was to complete The Mortal Instruments series, plus Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs. But, I'm only like 100 pages from finishing City of Heavenly Fire, so there's still hope!

So that's all I have for you guys today! I'll see you all on Wednesday, when I will be posting my June TBR!

Wish me luck for finishing City of Heavenly Fire, bye!

-Abi xxxxx

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Introducing... Never Always Sometimes, by Adi Alsaid

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I actually am genuinely disappointed in myself today. I actually really wanted to review City of Heavenly Fire for today. But saying that, there is still hope that I can include this book on my Wrap Up (Wrap Up is tomorrow). So today I am going to be introducing a book. (If you've seen the title then you know what book).
So, here's the post!

Introducing... Never Always Sometimes, by Adi Alsaid
I usually do introductions straight after I buy the book, unless I have to post something else urgently, like a review, or Wrap up/tbr.  But today I am going to be introducing a book that I've had for a couple of weeks because I'm hoping to read this book soon.

That book is Never Always Sometimes, by Adi Alsaid!
I hope to read this book some time next month, because even though I'm not really in the mood for a contemporary at the moment, this one looks really interesting.
Never Always Sometimes is about two characters that don't want to be cliché at high school, so they write a list of things they can never do.
But one of the characters has a secret: he's already broken a rule, which is never pine silently for the entirety of high school.
But then something changes (I'm assuming) because Julia (the other character) suggests they try every single Never on the list.

It actually looks quite good, and I hope it's as good as I want it to be because it's gotten mixed reviews.

So that is my post for today! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you all tomorrow where I will do my May Wrap Up (wish me luck for finishing City of Heavenly Fire)! Bye!

-Abi xxxxx

Friday, 27 May 2016

Intimidating TBR Tag!

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I kind of considered the Sunshine Blogger Award to be my tag of the month of May, but I released that I hadn't put it on my list of tags that I've done. So I thought that it would be fun to do the Intimidating TBR Tag because that tag never gets old!

Intimidating TBR Tag!

1. A book on your TBR pile that you haven't finished
My first initial though for this one was, well all of them, because the term TBR is To Be Read. But I think this question is a boo that I gave up on, There's only 1 book that fits that category (that I can remember), and that book is Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell. Now I hate to have a Rainbow Rowell book on my list of attempted books, but I just didn't get into this one. I'd think of any excuse not to read it, even on times when I normally read, like on the bus. But this one I just couldn't finish. It might be because it was Rainbow Rowell's first published book, but I just couldn't finish it.

2. A book you just haven't had the time to read for
The reason why I just haven't had time to read this book might be because I only got this book like a month ago, and I've been marathoning the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare. But it fits the category, so I'm gonna pick Tempest, by Julie Cross.  In case you can't tell from the cover, this book is about time travellers. The protagonist is a boy called Jackson, and he is in love with a girl called Holly. But when a tragic event causes him to go back in time, (she dies in his arms)  he finds he can't return. So he has to find a  way to save her before they even met.
This actually looks like a really good book, and I can't wait to read it.

3. A book you haven't read because it's a sequel 
Oh, I've got so many sequels on my TBR right now, but all of them I've read the first book for. So I literally don't have any books for this category.

4. A book you haven't read because it's brand new
Oh! I actually have a book that stands out for this one (among others, like Chasing the Stars, by Malorie Blackman), but this book actually is brand new:
It's the Last Star, by Rick Yansey!
Okay, I still have to read the Infinite Sea, but that is in my local library, so I hope to change that fact as soon as humanly possible. (Next month, pretty much).
Funny story actually! I went to the Waterstones near where my college is, and I walked in and The Last Star was out! (Bear in mind that this was on the 19th, 5 days before it was meant to come out). So I went to the person working there and said "Isn't this book meant to be out on the 24th?" And she checked it and took it back in. *Sigh*.
Who else would have just bought it and not said anything?

5. A book by an author you read previously but didn't really like 
I feel really bad to say this (particularly as this is one of my favourite authors), but I just didn't like this one as much as the others (I did still like it, just not as much as I did the other books that I had previously read by this author. The book is:
Noble Conflict, by Malorie Blackman.
I did really like this book, because I liked the plot and the characters (also, it was a standalone, so there wasn't much commitment) but I just wasn't totally and completely in love with it, that's all.

6. A book on your TBR pile that your just not in the mood to read
See, this book I wasn't in the mood to read. I don't know why, I just didn't. I am now though. That book is Desolation, the second book in the Demon Road Trilogy, which is by Derek Landy. But I am really looking forward to it now. 
Also, the cover for this book has such an amazing cover, I can't believe how un-excited I was to read this book at one point, but It's by Derek Landy, and the cover is gorgeous, and I enjoyed the previous book, so I'm genuinely looking forward to this book.

7. A book on your TBR pile that you haven't read because it's just enormous 
Well, I'm reading this book right now, but in the first place I was like, woah, this book is ENORMOUS! If you follow this blog, then you probably know what book I'm talking about... (Also, if you aren't following this blog, you should! Sorry, shameless selling this blog). So, where was I? Oh yeah, the book!City of Heavenly Fire, by Cassandra Clare!
This is the sixth and final book of the Mortal Instruments series, and when I saw how big it was (and how small the print) it was like: "Wow..." 
But now I'm taking it all in my stride. I have approximately 200 pages left, and nobody vital has died (which is a good thing).
Review up soon for this book!

8. A book on your TBR you brought because of the cover
Okay, all the current books on my TBR I bought for other reasons than just the beautiful cover (don't get me wrong, I have bought books just because of the cover, but all the books on my current TBR I bought because I was interested in them), so I'm going to change the category. I'll change it to just a normal book that you bought because of the cover, mainly because one book sticks out at the moment:
Snow Like Ashes, by Sara Raasch. For this book, I saw the cover, fell in love with the cover, read the back, figured that it was something that I would enjoy, and bought the book.
There's a review somewhere on my post pandemonium page, so go check it out for more thoughts.

9. The book on your TBR you find the most intimidating
Most of the books on my TBR are fairly small, (or spread out, so they appear small), but this book is the exception at the moment.
House Rules, by Jodi Picoult.
This book looks fairly interesting, and Jodi Picoult's books tend to have plot twists and endings that nobody is expecting. Plus, her books always have some sort of trial, which I don't really read about, so Jodi Picoult's books are often like a breath of fresh air.
This book has over 500+ pages, so it is fairly big, so it is a bit daunting, but I hope to enjoy it when I pick it for my TBR Jar (read a book that is 500+ pages).

So that is the Intimidating TBR Tag! I really hope to finish City of Heavenly Fire by sunday, but no promises.
So that is all that I have for you guys, I will see you on sunday, bye!
-Abi xxxxx

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Top Ten Series and Trilogies

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I wasn't sure what to do for this post today, but since I did my list of favourite standalones not too long ago, I thought I'd list my favourite series.

Top Ten Series and Trilogies
Now these won't be in any particular order, just like the standalones and also because it would physically hurt me because I love all these series.
So here's the list!

1. The Skulduggery Pleasant series, by Derek Landy
I have the full series now! Like physically own it. I'm gonna re-read this series some time this year (after I complete my Goodreads challenge- I shortened it so I could re-read a couple of my favourite series') because I haven't read the spin-offs and shirt stories. Also, this series is chock-a-block full of action scenes, also the characters are incredibly kick-ass. Recommend to people who want a kick-ass series and unforgettable characters, but isn't too relationship heavy. 

2. The Lying Game series, by Sara Shepard
I haven't finished this series, yet, but I've read four of them (there are reviews on all four of them) and it's one of my favourite series so far. Just the way I feel like I can't trust any of the characters is kind of exciting. The fifth book is due to arrive any day from tomorrow. 

3. The Power of Five series, by Anthony Horowitz
I wasn't sure whether to list this series or not, because this series isn't my favourite as much as the others. There were a couple of contenders instead of this one, like the Medusa Girls trilogy, or the Demonata series, but I think it was mainly the last book that had me gripped from page one. I mean, I loved the first four, because I got to see the five come together, but the last one was just a bunch of craziness. Recommend this series... well to the same as the Skulduggery audience. 

4. The Twilight Saga, by Stephenie Meyer 
Okay, I think most of you know this series. Human girl falls in love with a vampire, and this is the first series' I read religiously. I think this is gonna be another series that I'll re-read after I finish my Goodreads challenge (particularly because Stephenie Meyer released Twilight where all the genders are switched- it's called Life After Death). 

5. The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins
Another trilogy I think most of you will know. It's a rebellion against the capitol, basically. The protagonist is a girl called Katniss Everdeen, and there is this thing that's on once a year, called the Hunger Games. In every hunger games, a girl and a boy from the ages of 12-18 are chosen to take part in the Hunger Games where all the contestants are put in an arena to kill each other. When Katniss' little sister Prim is chosen, she volunteers. And then a whole bunch of craziness happens. 

6. The Harry Potter series, by J K Rowling
Harry Potter is the other series that I religiously followed. I think I got interested in this series when I was like 11 or 12, so year 7, around that time. It took me a while to be able to finish the bigger books (from like book 4 onwards) but it was from then on that I loved this series. I reckon I always will. 

7. Noughts and Crosses series, by Malorie Blackman
I feel like I mention this series in every post, but that's literally because I love this series so much. I got introduced to this series when the year above me did a play of the first book. The teacher said (I specifically remember this): "The play is actually based on a book. Have any of you read it?" And all eyes swivel to me because even in year 8 I was known for being the reader. But after I sincerely enjoyed the play, I decided to pick up the series. 
I'm so glad I picked up this series.

8. The Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer
I actually love my fairytale Retellings, so if I start a new series of them, if they aren't completely awful, odds are it's going to make it on to my favourite series' list. And this one is near the top of my favourite series, because it's very Sci-fyi, and if there's one thing I love its Sci-fi and worlds set in the future. To be honest I can't believe it took me this long to read it. I mean Cinder came out in 2012, so why I wasn't on this series sooner, I don't know!

9. Fairytale Retellings, by Jackson Pearce
The same applies to this series as the Lunar Chronicles, and even though I've only read half of this series, I already love it so much. Some of the reason that I love this series so much is because I love the way that they lap (the first two at least), and the progression of the characters. Plus the plot I was not expecting. 

10. The Slated trilogy, by Teri Terry
The way I got into this trilogy is kinda strange. I got this book from my ex (boyfriend at the time) , and I am so glad he did. I love this series so much, whenever Teri Terry released the next book in this trilogy, I'd buy it straight away and read it when I got home. This trilogy is totally my favourite out of all of these on this list. Totally recommend it to literally everyone who likes Sci-fi, even a little bit. 

So that is my list of favourite series and trilogies! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any thoughts on any of these series or trilogies, please let me know in the comments below! 
I will see you guys on Friday! Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx

Monday, 23 May 2016

May Book Haul (2016)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I thought it would be a good time to do a book haul because nearing the end of the month, and I have a bunch of books that in want to show you guys all the wonderful books to show you guys!
So, let's get on with the haul!

May Book Haul (2016)
So I have a total of 7 books to show you all today, so here they are:

1. House Rules, by Jodi Picoult
I finally found a book that fits the category of "read a book with 500+ pages"! Also, it's by Jodi Picoult, and if there's one thing that I love about Jodi Picoult's book, it's that her books never go in the direction that you think she will. She is also one for plot twists. Be careful if you're about to read your first Jodi Picoult book, because her plot twists will throw your mind into turmoil. 
Can't wait to read another Jodi Picoult book, because this one looks intense. 

2. Glass Sword, by Victoria Aveyard
This is the second book in the Red Queen cover, and can I just say that I love this cover so much, as well as the first one. This is going to be one of the books that I'm considering to be my "read a sequel" for my 2016 TBR (it depends whether I feel like rereading Red Queen or Demon Road -the other contender- though at this point, it's more likely to be this one,  because I only read Demon Road in March, I think). 
Can't wait to read this either.

3. The Casual Vacancy, by J K Rowling
I actually don't know that much about this book, but it's J K Rowling. Also, it's hardback. I don't really know when I'm gonna read this, maybe just for a rainy day, I don't know. 
By the way, I literally got this book while I was typing this. Thank-you for the book, Alex! Can't wait to read this. 

4. Desolation, by Derek Landy
Okay, the cover for this actually looks quite good for this, in the way that it's progressed since the cover of the first book. Also, the cover makes me want to read it now. At least, want to read it before the concluding book (American Monsters) is released on the 25th August. 
Looking forward to reading this. 

5. The Hobbit, by J R R Tolkien
People seem to have a think of giving me free books this month, because this one was also a gift. It's the illustrated version of the Hobbit, and I think it was released in like 2000. I'm seriously so sentimental, I'm literally scared to touch it because I don't want to ruin it. 

Series of Unfortunate Events Books
Okay, I just thought I'd let you all know that these last two books are from the series.

6. The Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket

7. The Reptile Room, by Lemony Snicket
These two are the first and second books in the series of unfortunate events series (there are 13 books in the series). I currently have 5 of these books, so basically I'm making my way to have the entire series. (Not got the entire series yet, but I'm getting there). 

So those are all of the books that I have obtained in the month of May! That is all I have for you guys, and I will see you all on Friday! Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Future Film Adaptations I Can't Wait For

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I seem to be obsessed with watching... and rewatching... and rewatching movie trailers that are about to be released.
So today I thought I'd list some films that I can't wait to be released!

Future Film Adaptations I Can't Wait For
Not every one of these are book to film adaptations, but most of them are. Saying that, expect to see a couple that aren't book to film adaptations. Also, a couple of the films on this list was on my "Most Anticipated Book to Movie Adaptations" post, because not many book to movie adaptations are actually happening, and I feel like these films are worth mentioning again! So, let's get to the list!

1. Alice Through the Looking Glass
Okay, I think the trailer for this is one of the top two trailers that I have watched over and over again, especially recently. This one just seems to be a lot more chaotic (and exciting) then the first one. It just looks incredible, and I can't wait to see a lot of the most interesting characters ever again. Also, I can't stop laughing at the Red Queen's laugh at the end, I keep exploding into giggles at that. Just thought that was worth a mention. 
Release date: 27th May

2. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Okay, this film looks incredible. It's just looks magical, and I just want to comment on how well it's done. This trailer just makes me want to read the book before it comes out, it just... Eurgh, the music goes with the footage really well, and the whole thing just looks really interesting. Also, this is the second most rewatched trailer in this list. 
Release date: 30th September

3. Me Before You
Okay, even before I read the book for this film, I was in tears from the trailer on YouTube. Now I've read the book, and I'm an emotional wreck. 'Nuff said. 
Release date: 3rd June

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them
I seriously can't wait for this film. I know I've said that for pretty much every single one of these films, but I mean it for this one. The trailer screams epic and magical, with just a bit of mystery beneath it that tells the watcher that your not gonna wanna miss it, and nothing like it has been seen before. The music makes the trailer seem so much better. Also, Eddie Redmayne is in it, and he has been in what seems like the biggest films ever, so that's promising. 
Release date: 18th November

5. Finding Dory
Okay, this is my inner kid coming out, and I don't know one person who doesn't want to see this film. It's iconic, and its just the perfect summer film. This film is gonna be awesome. 
Release date: 17th June

6. Warcraft
Okay, the first time I saw this, I was like "Wow. This looks just like a videogame." And it does. The graphics are incredible, the whole thing just looks phenomenal. Also, it looks like a combination of the hobbit and The Huntsman: Winter's War, so if your a fan of either, then I reckon you should see it. 
Release date: 3rd June 

So those are the films that I really can't wait for! I hope you enjoyed the post! I will see you guys tomorrow, when I will be doing my May book haul! 
So, I'll see you all then, bye! 

-Abi xxxxx

Friday, 20 May 2016

My Top Standalones

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I was on the fence as to whether I should a book haul for this post, but since I have a couple books coming to my house in the next couple of days, I decided against it.
So, with much consideration, (and after checking that I hadn't done it before) I decided to list my favourite standalones.

My Top Standalones
When I decided to do this list I was like "I'm gonna enjoy this" because if there is one thing I like, it is a good standalone.
So with further ado, here's the list of my favourite standalones!

1. Before I Die, by Jenny Downham
It just occurred to me that people who have just found my blog probably think I'm super depressing because I feel like I mention this in pretty much every post that I have the chance. 
But anyway, I love this book so much! It's about a girl who has leukaemia, but before she dies she has a list of things that she wants to do. 
But getting what you want isn't easy, and sometimes the most unexpected things become important (that was a quote).
I can read this book in one sitting, and it makes me cry every single time (it's so beautifully tragic, also because of Tessa's character and how she is with everything). Totally and completely recommend this book.

2. Mind Games, by Teri Terry
Okay, this book is kind of a standalone, because there is a book called Dangerous Games (it says #1.5, so I'm not sure whether it is a standalone, but I'm considering it a standalone because it's one of my favourite books of all time). Love everything about this book. It's written by Teri Terry, so providing the plot was okay, it was going to be on my favourite standalone list. I think what I love most about this book was the world building, because this world is unlike every other world I've read about in what seems like forever (it's set in a Virtual world where everyone lives online). Love this book so very much! 

3. I'll Give You The Sun, by Jandy Nelson
I only read this book back in March, I think, so not that long ago, but I still love this book. I can just relate to it so much, and I know the whole point of a contemporary book is to relate but I do, specifically because this one is about twins, and their both artsy, and they're both struggling with something (I'm not struggling with much, but I'm pretty sure everyone has struggled with something at one point). Also, the ending is do God damn beautiful I had to put it on the list!

4. My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult
Okay, I think this book is one of the most well known to all ages, not just teens, mainly because they made a film out of it. It surrounds a family, and the core of this book is that one child, Kate has acute prophylactic leukaemia, and her sister, Anna, is sueing her parents for the rights to her own body (she was born so she could be a donor for Kate). This book jumps from family member, which I really love. Also, her mum is the lawyer on the opposing case, which causes tensions to run high. And then that ending, oh my god, I was not expecting that. 
And if you've seen the film and think you know what I'm talking about, you don't. Go read it!

5. Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell
This book has the cutest romance in the history of the world, and it is yet again another contemporary book that I can totally relate to. This book is quite popular so I think most people know the plot, but this book is about a girl called Cath who has a twin (Wren) and up until they go to University they did everything together. But then when they went to University, and Wren wanted to be her own person. It's not so easy for Cath. She would rather stay in her room and write fan fiction. This book is from the point of view, and we see her journey of her first year at University, as she meets new people and gains confidence. Read this book in one day, loved it. 

6. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
This book was a breath of fresh air from what I normally like to read, and that's part of why I love this book so much. This book is a breath of fresh air because 1) It is set in Germany, in World War II, and also because it is narrated. This is one of the more popular books on this list, because there is a film. I haven't seen the film, because apparently they change some things in terms of plot, and it might ruin the book for me. Love this book though (because it involves books). 

7. Let it Snow, by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle
This book is yet another cutesie romance that I read in a day. I say that it's just one, but it's actually three short stories that cross over. I liked them all (most of them) but I have to say that Maureen Johnson's story stole the show. 
It's the perfect Christmas romance book. I would really recommend this book to anyone who wants a romance that isn't too deep (best to read it around Christmas time, I think). 

8. All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven
This writing in this book is so beautiful its unreal, as is everything else, but particularly the description. Love the characters, just everything. It ticks all the boxes. Also, it's tragic and honest, and it opened my eyes to a subject that didn't really exist before. There needs to be more books about this subject. And then the ending. Knock-out. Highly recommend. 

So those are my top standalones! I really hope you enjoyed it, and if you guys have any thoughts on any of these books, let me know! Okay, bye!

-Abi xxxxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5), by Cassandra Clare

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I can't believe I finished another Cassandra Clare book! One book left!
Here's the review!

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5), by Cassandra Clare
Title: City of Lost Souls
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Action & Fantasy
Release date: 8th May, 2012
Pages: 542
Blurb: "The New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments continues—and so do the thrills and danger for Jace, Clary, and Simon.

What price is too high to pay, even for love? When Jace and Clary meet again, Clary is horrified to discover that the demon Lilith’s magic has bound her beloved Jace together with her evil brother Sebastian, and that Jace has become a servant of evil. The Clave is out to destroy Sebastian, but there is no way to harm one boy without destroying the other. As Alec, Magnus, Simon, and Isabelle wheedle and bargain with Seelies, demons, and the merciless Iron Sisters to try to save Jace, Clary plays a dangerous game of her own. The price of losing is not just her own life, but Jace’s soul. She’s willing to do anything for Jace, but can she still trust him? Or is he truly lost?

Love. Blood. Betrayal. Revenge. Darkness threatens to claim the Shadowhunters in the harrowing fifth book of the Mortal Instruments series.

My Thoughts
First things first. This cover! I mean I love all of them, but I particularly love this one. I just felt like I had to mention it. 

Now, on to the book. I really enjoyed this one. I mean, yes it was incredibly slow, but then the ending just did it for me. 
I am now really looking forward to reading the final book in the series (I can't believe it's the last book already), and simultaneously intimidated by it because it is MASSIVE. 

Okay, back to this book: I think this one is my favourite. It has made me laugh out loud, it made me grin at characters because they did what most of the audience wanted to do when they wanted to do it, it made me want to keep reading all the time!

It kept me hooked, which is rare for me. It's even less likely when it's the fifth book in the series. 

Still love the characters, though some of them are doing what I don't like to see them doing (going behind other people backs). I mean, there is a fair amount of that, but when it's against someone who doesn't deserve it, that's just bad. 

Also, there were some super sweet moments in this book, which I loved. There needs to be more sweet moments in this series, between the action and the fighting. (Not that I don't love the fighting and the action, I do, but I like a bit of romance and sweetness along with it). 

So as you can (hopefully) see from my thoughts on this book, I actually enjoyed it, a lot more than I thought I would, but as much as I hoped. 

So those are my thoughts on City of Lost Souls, by Cassandra Clare! I hope you enjoyed it! 

So, as you can probably tell since I've marathoned the entire series, I am now reading City of Heavenly Fire, the final book in this series (sad face). New that book is intimidating, so you might have to wait a while for that. 
I'm thinking of posting my list of intimidating books soon, so let me know if you want to see that!

So that is all I have for you guys today! I will see you on Friday, and... bye!

-Abi xxxxx

Monday, 16 May 2016

Face-off #1: Emmett Cullen vs Finnick Odair

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And today I thought I'd start something new that I don't think anyone else does on their blog. These are face-offs, and what I do is I put two characters against each-other and kind of discuss which character I think would win in a fight, or which one out-classes the other one.
So, here's the post!

Face-off #1: Emmett Cullen vs Finnick Odair
                                        (Just                                      needed to have a picture of Finnick shirtless)

I thought for the first face-off I would start with some well known characters. These two are quite different in terms of characters, but their fighting skills are quite similar.

Finnick is older, which gives him an advantage, but Emmett is immortal, so he is also able in terms of how long they can go on for. Saying that, Emmett is immortal, so it doesn't matter what Finnick does, Emmett is going to win. Because... immortal.

So that is the face-off, and I wish it was longer but there wasn't really an argument between these two, but they were the closest I could have come up with in terms of fighting style.

Most of them are going to be longer than these, but like I said before, there wasn't really a question. I really hope to do more of these, let me know if you want to see more of these!

So that is all that I have for you guys today, I will see you on Wednesday (again, have no idea what I'm going to do, you can let me know what you want to see for that too). So, bye!

-Abi xxxxx

Sunday, 15 May 2016

City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4), by Cassandra Clare

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And today I am doing my City of Fallen Angels review!
Though looking back, it probably would have been a better idea to review City of Fallen Angels on Friday, and do my Summer TBR today because it's a nicer day, but oh well! Here's the review!

City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4), by Cassandra Clare
Title: City of Fallen Angels
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Action & Fantasy
Release date: 5th Aprill, 2011
Pages: 435
Blurb: "Clary is back in New York and life is good: she's training to be a Shadowhunter and is finally able to call Jace her boyfriend. 
But nothing comes without a price. When Jace inexplicably begins to pull away from her, Clary is forced to acknowledge that she herself has set in motion a chain of events that could lead to the loss of everything she loves. Even Jace."

My Thoughts
Okay, even more so than the last time, I feel like I'm going to be in the minority where this book is concerned. This is because I actually did really enjoy this book. More than most really. It took a bit long for them to introduce the villain, but I was enjoying the book that much that I didn't really mind. 

I mean, I liked the fact that the book slowed at the start because after you defeat a bad guy for half a series, I feel like characters need a break, and its nice that they got a bit of a break before the new villain got introduced (as the new villain at least). 

I honestly think that this book is one of the most consistent out of all of them. Saying that, there was a point about 150 pages in that wavered a bit, but it picked up after that. 

You got introduced to a couple of characters in this book, and then there were some character development for others, and one that I particularly liked was when you find out the perspective of a character that you would otherwise have hated because of the perspective of another character. 

The plot didn't progress as much as I would have liked, which is the reason that I didn't give it four stars. Saying that, Cassandra Clare set up a good starting point for the last two books (I can't believe how quickly I'm raking through these books) and I'm looking forward to see how it goes. 

The characters were as good as they have always been. Clary seems to be getting better at thinking under pressure, as does Simon (though saying that, he always was that good, especially with a bow and arrow- from the first book). 

Yeah, so overall I really did enjoy this book, and I'm starting to really like this series! 

So, that's all that I have for you guys today! I have no idea what I'm going to post tomorrow, but I'll figure it out. So, that's that! Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx

Friday, 13 May 2016

My Summer TBR (2016)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And instead of doing my third review in a row (I finished City of Fallen Angels last night), I thought it would be fun to do my Summer TBR, whilst the weather is nice, and I feel in the mood to do it (no-one really feels like doing a Summer TBR whilst it's pouring down with rain).
So, with further ado, here's the TBR of what I want to read in summer!

My Summer TBR (2016)
There are only a few books, but these are books that I want to read over the course of the summer holiday months (the second part of June to the end of August). So this is the list of my Summer TBR!

1. Since You've Been Gone, by Morgan Matson
To be honest, I'm not sure why I want to read this book so much, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to. I think because I like the sound of the protagonist, that has a friend that is a bit more outgoing than her (I'm quite familiar with this, at least I used to be), plus the fact that she has a list of things that she has to do to get her friend back (her friend goes missing), that just seems really interesting. Can't wait to read this, honestly. 

2. To All The Boys I've Loved Before, by Jenny Han
I was on the fence whether I wanted to read this or not for a long time, because it seems a bit... I don't know. I wanna read it now, because I want to see what happens in this book. The story is about a girl called Lara Jean, who writes a letter to all the boys that she has loved. But when someone mails these letters to these boys, all hell breaks loose apparently. I really want to see what happens, because I feel like there's no other YA book out there like this. 

3. Some Girls Are, by Courtney Summers
This book is less of a summer book, but it's set towards the end of the school year, so I'm going with it. Also, I've wanted to pick this book up for what seems like forever, but I'll go with it. To be honest, I'm not sure where this book came from, like I can't remember where I came upon it, but I'm glad I did. 

4. Never Always Sometimes, by Adi Alsaid 
I've only found this book recently, when I was searching for Summer TBR Books. It seems really interesting. It's about two kids called Dave and Julia who never wanted to be cliche, and they made a list of things that they never wanted to do in High School. But Dave has already broken one rule: Never pine silently after someone for the entirety of high school. He has loved Julia for forever, it seems. Julia is wild, so when she suggests they do the never list, Dave joins her, and a whole bunch of craziness happens (as far as I can decipher). 
Apparently this book is part romance too. Also, already ordered this. 

So that is my Summer TBR! I can't wait to read all these books, they are all so interesting, and different from each-other! They'll be reviews for all of them when I read them eventually, so look out for those!

So that is all that I have for you guys today! I'll be back to my reviews on Sunday! That'll be City of Fallen Angels, so also look out for that! Okay, I'll see you on Sunday, bye!

-Abi xxxxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3), by Cassandra Clare

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I bet your sick of reviews at this point-two posts in a row!
Lets get on to the review.

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3), by Cassandra Clare
Title: City of Glass
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Action & Fantasy
Release date: 24th March, 2009
Pages: 492
Blurb: "Amid the chaos of war, the Shadowhunters must decide to fight with the vampires, werewolves and other Downworlders-or against them. Meanwhile, Jace and Clary have their own decision to make: should they pursue the love they know is forbidden?"

My Thoughts
I feel like anything I say won't be the most popular opinion because every review I've seen, they all say that this is the best one yet. I disagree. I personally think that City of Glass was better. Saying that, there were some things that were better too. I'll get into that now. 

To be honest, I feel like nothing really happened on the first half, apart from a couple of things that aren't really worth mentioning (and I can't anyway, because this is a spoiler free review). But that is the reason why I didn't particularly love this book as much as I could have done. 

Saying that, I did really like what happened in this book. I can't say much because it is the third book in the series, and I don't want to spoil anything, plot wise, but I was not expecting anything like what happened to happen. I couldn't believe what was happening in the second part of this book. 
Some of these events kind of had me speechless too. A character died that is going to ruin some of these characters. Friendships were made, others were shattered, and other characters can just be awkward towards each-other because of something that happened. 
Read it to find out what I'm talking about, because I did really enjoy the things that happened in this book. It was just one thing after another. 

I actually can't think of anything else to say regarding this book at the moment, so I'm gonna end the review here! Knowing me, I'll probably remember a bunch of thoughts once I post this- that's normally what happens- but for now that's all I have for you guys! 

I am currently about 200 pages away from finishing City of Fallen Angels, so depending on when I finish that, I may or may not review that on Friday! Otherwise, I'll be listing my summer TBR! That will be up eventually, so look out for that. 
I will see you guys on Friday, bye!

-Abi xxxxx

Monday, 9 May 2016

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2), by Cassandra Clare

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And as I have promised many times before, today I am doing my City of Ashes book review!
So let's get on with the post!

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2), by Cassandra Clare
Title: City of Ashes
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Action & Fantasy
Release date: 25th March, 2008
Pages: 453
Blurb: "Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal. But what's normal when you're a demon-slaying Shadowhunter, your mother is in a magically induced coma, and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves, vampires, and faeries? If Clary left the world of the Shadowhunters behind, it would mean more time with her best friend, Simon, who's becoming more than a friend. But the Shadowhunting world isn't ready to let her go — especially her handsome, infuriating, newfound brother, Jace. And Clary's only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine, who is probably insane, certainly evil — and also her father.

To complicate matters, someone in New York City is murdering Downworlder children. Is Valentine behind the killings — and if he is, what is he trying to do? When the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul-Sword, is stolen, the terrifying Inquisitor arrives to investigate and zooms right in on Jace. How can Clary stop Valentine if Jace is willing to betray everything he believes in to help their father?

In this breathtaking sequel to City of Bones, Cassandra Clare lures her readers back into the dark grip of New York City's Downworld, where love is never safe and power becomes the deadliest temptation."

My Thoughts
Okay guys, right of the bat, I'm going to say that this review is going to have spoilers, so if you haven't read the book, go away (sorry for being so harsh) and come back when you have read the book. Okay? Bye!

Okay, now for my thoughts about specific points in the book. Here they are:
 1. Simon sounds like a better kisser than Jace
2. Seems to be more about the side characters, rather than Clary, and I like that. Also, you get to see the positions of the other characters, not just Clary making bad decisions (gets boring after a bit, I mean, thrown into new world, your gonna make mistakes, and be a bit overwhelmed, but it's a bit annoying with Clary).
3. (On page 82) What is the situation with Clary and Simon?
4. (On page 200) To anyone who has read Carry On and up to the end of this book in the series, Simon is like a combination of Baz and Simon now.
5. I feel like Clary's special power thing is going to be useful from this point in the story.
6. Also, she blew a ship on fire, awesome!
7. No! Clary and Simon broke up!

8. What?! Clary's mother can be woken up!

Yeah, but other than that, I liked the characters so much more in this book, as opposed to the first book. You get more of an insight into them, rather than just Clary. Isabelle still irritates me so much, but I like most of the other characters.

I don't really have much else to say except for the fact that I really did enjoy this book. I would recommend this to anyone that thinks that they might enjoy it. Let's hope the next book is as this one. I sincerely hope so.

So that is all that I have for you guys today! I will either be doing a review of City of Glass on Wednesday, or a list of summer contemporaries that I want to read later on this year, haven't decided yet. Bye!

-Abi xxxxx