Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Most Interesting Families that I Have Experienced In My Reading Life

Less than 24 hours!
It's so close!

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it is only a handful of hours until Christmas is here!
I am so excited!
And since Christmas is all about family, I am going to be listing my (what I think) most interesting families that I am experienced in my reading life! So, let's begin!

My Most Interesting Families That I Have Experienced In My Reading Life
1. The Weasley Family (Harry Potter)
Of course, this family kind of goes without saying. Witty, entertaining, and warm-hearted, whose couldn't love these guys? 

2. The Everdeen Family (Hunger Games)
Okay, this family is VERY different to the Weasley Family. They are suffering throughout the entire Hunger Games trilogy. But the thing is, they are strong as hell. They survived the man of the house dying, starvation, the torturous hell of the Hunger Games, and so on. 
They are all completely different, but they survive.

3. The Baudelaire Family (Series of Unfortunate Events)
Oh my god, the skills of these children! Violet is a genius inventor; Klaus is the reader (I relate to him so much), and Sunny is the biter/ chef later on, and they are also brave and intelligent, as well as kind. They're literally amazing, and I NEED to re-read this series. 

4. The Edgley Family (Skulduggery Pleasant series)
This family is just so epic. Stephanie Edgley-apprentice detective/elemental/Necromancer (read the books and you will understand)
Parents- funny to the point where other people would think them to be kind of odd, but they are both legends.

5. Cassie's family-do not know the surname (The 5th Wave)
I mean, when Cassie and her little brother get separated, she travels through the entire country to find him. That makes a statement about what kind of a family they are.

And that was my post for today! I hope you enjoyed it! Have a lovely Christmas day, and I will post something tomorrow! Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx