Friday, 20 November 2015

My Opinion: Books That Should Be Made Into Films

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Mockingjay Part 2 get released at midnight of yesterday! (Unless your in the U.S.A, where Mockingjay got released a couple of days earlier, lucky people), and so I thought it would be a cool idea to do a list of books that I think would be good to make into movies! So, let's go!

1. The Slated Trilogy, by Teri Terry
OMG, this series! It's new and exciting, and completely unique, and it is one of my favourite EVER trilogies that I have read in my entire life! It is a Sci-Fi trilogy, and I feel like it would be a breath of fresh air if they were made into films. I finished the entire series in approximately a week, it was that good! In case you haven't read my other posts about me fangirling about this series, this is what it is about: Kyla is a girl who was been Slated: Her memory has been wiped blank. (This is what Slating is). They claim she was a terrorist, and that this is her second chance. But she remembers things from her past life, and someone is lying to her. I highly recommend this trilogy, and although this book series in on the shortlist about being made into a film, this was a year ago, and there doesn't seem to be much development in the making of the movie, but GO READ THIS SERIES! You won't regret it, I guarantee it.
Titles: -Slated

2. Skulduggery Pleasant series, by Derek Landy 
This series has also been shortlisted for becoming a movie, but this was like 7 years or so ago. This series is so bad-ass, characters and all, to the point that I don't want this series to be films, I need it to be made into films, just because this series is so legendary, and the plot is SO unpredictable, and it's about a SKELETON DETECTIVE and a girl who is a... not quite sure what to say because what can you say that can compete with SKELETON DETECTIVE?  But yeah, it really is an awesome series, and you should pick it up NOW and just marathon the entire series of 9 books (yay!!!!), just because it is that awesome.
Titles: -Skulduggery Pleasant
-Playing With Fire
-The Faceless Ones
-Dark Days
-Mortal Coil
-Death Bringer
-Kingdom of The Wicked                     -Spin-off: The Maleficent Seven
-Last Stand of Dead Men                      -Sort of spin-off: Armageddon Outta Here
-The Dying of the Light                      

3. Power of Five series, by Anthony Horowitz 
I feel like this series would be a really interesting sequence of films if they were to be made into films, mainly because I haven't read a series of books like this. I mean, it's got the whole package. It's about these five children (well, they're 14) that saved the world from these creatures called the Old Ones 10,000 years ago, and these children saved the world from them with these kind of telethic powers. (Like Controlling the weather, Mind Control, Healing etc). But they're back. And so are these children, but here's the thing. They are the same children. And these books are about these children finding eachother, and defeating the old ones again. It's a really good series, and regardless, if they get made into films or not, they are really good books. Here are the titles:
-Raven's Gate, focusing on Matt
-Evil Star, focusing on Pedro
-Nightrise focusing on Scott and Jaime Tyler
-Necropolis focusing on Scarlett
-Oblivion focusing on all five

4. Fairytale Retellings, by Jackson Pearce 
These books are four companion novels that are based on four different fairytales, but they all have a twist, and that twist connects these four books. They all contain werewolves (well, I'm guessing, since I've only read 2/4 of the books in this series). And these books are absolutely incredible, and I hope for Jackson Pearce to do a wrap up of all the characters and the plot line, but unfortunately I don't think she is going to be doing that. But regardless, this series so far is incredible, and I feel like they would be  incredible. Here are the books in the series:
-Sister's Red, based on Little Red Riding Hood
-Sweetly, based on Hansel and Gretel (Surrounds characters called Gretchen and Ansel)
-Fathomless, based on the Little Mermaid
-Cold Spell, based on Snow Queen
And although it may not seem like it, they all involve werewolves. And it's all really myseterious, and I just think that this series would be really good as films.
P.S.: I think it's a shame that they decided to change the cover design halfway through, and although I do love the new designs, I also remain loyal to the older covers, particularly as the first two just look more relevant to the plot line (at least in the two that I have read)

5. The Medusa Girls Trilogy, by Tera Lynn Childs
I've read quite a few  Mythology series, and this one is completely unforgettable, and this is because there are three protagonists, and you guessed it, their triplets. They are also descendants of Medusa (who in this version, is a good God), and they are Monster Hunters. Now there's a prophecy, and a rule that only one Monster can get into the Mortal World, but things start happening, and there's a whole bunch of things that happen, and I just think it would be a great series of films. Here are the titles: -Sweet Venom
-Sweet Shadows
-Sweet Legacy

So those are the books (come to think of it, they are all either trilogies or series) that I feel would make incredible films. I hope you enjoyed it! See you guys soon!

-Abi xxxx