Monday, 31 July 2017

July Wrap Up (2017)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And as it is the last day in July, it's time for my monthly wrap up!
I read 12 books this month (mostly re-reads), so let's get into that!

Here are the books I read this month:

1. Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty
This was an interesting read, to say the least. It centres around three mums, and their children, ready to start school that following September. Pushed together by a friendship formed because one of the mums is under fire because of something nobody has any evidence of (single mum Jane's child Ziggy was accused of something by one of the most influential mum's and she didn't step down. This takes place in a high society estate, so you can imagine how that went down.) Even though that was big, nobody ever thought that this would result in murder. And everyone has secrets. What matters is how far you'd go to protect them.
When I say this was an interesting read, I don't mean the plot or the characters. What I mean is that this wasn't a particularly fast paced book, but you were intrigued enough that you just didn't want to put the book down. Just the group dynamic, the different relationships within this story. Wives and husbands, mums and other mums, the mums and their children, and the whole group together. If you want an infectious, slightly pulse-raising book (the intensity was something else entirely) with mystery and good character dynamic, I recommend this book in a second.

As I've already read this book, the review is on the title, and you can click that if you want to.
What I like most about this book is that this is an insanely quick read. So if you want to read something that going to make you glad your just reading a book and not doing all the crazy things in the book your reading, then I highly recommend this.
Because the dares in this game are insane. And it hits you hard, because it's so easy to picture yourself doing all these things.
But they just get bigger and bigger.
I have not seen the film yet, even though I badly want to.
But I really do like the book a lot.

It wasn't a complete choice to marathon this series until I started Northern Lights and just- didn't get too into it. (I'll get into Northern Lights when I'm talking about that book- because I did end up finishing it.) But it had been ages since I'd re-read the series and this is one of those series where I just remember a certain quote or relationship which I particularly loved, and I just felt an urge to re-read the series. (Mixed in with the fact that I didn't want to waste the days when I was attempting Northern Lights). But, and I can't stress this enough, but if your someone who enjoys reading about two people that are determined to be together, even if the odds are stacked against them- even if the only problem is that one of them is a nought and the other a cross- then I urge you to pick up this series. This is a series that deals with racism, class, crime, freedom, love, hate, hope and territory, and I swear, this series has made me cry more than ANY OTHER. I kid you not. And it takes a lot to make me cry.

(Booktube-a-thon books read from here)

7. Northern Lights (His Dark Materials #1), by Philip Pullman
Having attempted to read this a couple of times, I was less than enthusiastic to pick it up when it was assigned to my book club for this month. But after picking it up and finishing it, I enjoyed it, though I had a few problems with it.
I mean, when I picked up the book, I became invested in the story, the detail of the world that the story took place in. And it raised some interesting ideas about the world that I don't think any book has suggested.
But the book was so slow.
Don't get me wrong, the world was detailed, and the story was super interesting, which I reckon is why this trilogy is considered a masterpiece, but there wasn't much in this book that just made me jump out my chair, eyes glued to the page. It was good enough, and I suppose I would attempt the Subtle Knife if I had nothing else to read, but I don't think I'm going to carrying on with the trilogy any time soon.

Even though my review is slightly less than positive (I wrote it just under a year ago), I definitely enjoyed this book a lot more the second time around. Maybe because I had too high expectations, and I wasn't yet familiar with Leigh Bradugo's writing style. But when I read it this time around, I definitely slowed down, concentrated on what was happening, and thought about it, and I have to say, I connected with the characters a lot better this time around.

9. One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus
From the moment I heard about this, I was super intrigued. It tells the story of five people, all from different socials circles, that share detention. But only four leave detention alive. But the death was no accident. And the other four are suspects. Because Simon had secrets he would expose after about the other four.
Even if this challenge wasn't "Finish a book in one day", I'm still willing to bet that I would have finished it that day. Because the characters were so real, even though they were living a bunch of tropes (the stereotypes for what their social groups were.) But it was so good to see the whole group dynamic. And you never got the characters mixed up, which is a hard thing to do with a multi perspective book like this one.
Definitely reviewing this at some point this week.

10. Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2), by Leigh Bardugo
#intimidated. I'm just going to say that. Do you know how big this book is, and how small the print is????
But once I got over that, and got into the book itself, I was so blown away, I fell out of my chair!
(Not really, but THIS BOOK, OMG).
There are no words. Just read it.
Because it's amazing.
Just the emotions you feel when your reading this book. You become so angry, you want to hit something, just because you hate a certain character so much. Then you're just lost, the impact of the shock hits and it sends you reeling backwards, then you're sobbing your heart out because something irreversible has happened and it'll never be right again.
Just, read it.
DEFINITE review coming up.

11. Before I Die, by Jenny Downham
Before I start, you can probably tell, just by the title that this book is sad and depressing.
But it's also so god damn beautiful.
Here's the summary: Tessa Scott has leukemia. She's going to die, and there's no getting past that. But before she does, she has a list of ten things she wants to do. And she's not going to die until they're all done. This book is raw and gripping. But it's also hard to read, even though it's so easy to read through.
With this book, there are both sad and beautiful moments. And sometimes they seem sad, and beautiful, and it's all caught in a whirlwind, so you don't know which way is up sometimes! I've given this to some of my teachers, my mum, even my friends.
They all cried and loved it.
I cannot recommend this enough.

I re-read this because I wanted to relieve the love I had for this book, before I continue on with the trilogy next (I obtained the second book, which I talked about it in my july book haul , you can check that out too) and it was the last book I read for the booktube-a-thon that finished last night. For my full thoughts on the book you can click the review!

1. Waterloo Road (Series 3)
Although I haven't watched as much as last month, I have still continued to watch the first tv show that I watched as I grew up- and it still continues to excel and do amazing.
The amount that school has to deal with, I'm surprised it isn't closed (yes, I am aware that it's a fictional school and isn't real).

... As for writing, I've done like literally nothing, because I've been reading so much.
But writing is my priority this month, and I'm hoping to get to page 100 for my second draft (I'm currently on Page 37).

So that is my July Wrap Up (2017)! I know it was rather a long wrap up, considering the amount of books I've read this month, but thank-you for reading it!
I hope you have a wonderful day, and an even better reading week, and I will be back on Wednesday with my August TBR (2017)!

-Abi xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

July Book Haul (2017)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And since it's nearing the end of the month, I think It's time I post a July Book Haul. (Especially as I've actually bought enough books to do a haul, and some of them are quite popular at the moment).
And I've even read one of them!
So let's get to it!

1. All That She Can See, by Carrie Hope Fletcher
From what I know, this is about a girl called Cherry, who from some sort of power, uses her baking skills to make people happy, and she's the only one that has this gift that she meets. And then she meets somebody else (not certain of his name) that has the same gift, but uses it in the opposite way. It's Carrie Hope Fletcher's second novel, and it has baking, love and a little bit of magic, and is sure to be an absolute winner in the charts apparently, from what I hear of the reviews.
2. Songs About Us (Songs About A Girl #2), by Chris Russell
This is the second book of the Songs About A Girl trilogy, and let me tell you, I cannot wait to see how Charlie Bloom's career in photography intertwined with Fire & Lights. It sounds cheesy, but it is anything but. There's a love triangle, which I normally don't like, but the first book, was the exception for some reason. I'm actually sort of nervous to see the direction that the story will take, though I hope it's as good as the first book was. No doubt I will be reading this soon, so more in a review or wrap up soon.
3. One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus
I only bought this the other day, and those that follow my Instagram (you can click it on the side, there's a section) know that I have already read it! It was one of the books for the booktube-a-thon, and I have to say, if you think you might like this book, PICK IT UP. Putting a daunting new spin on the Breakfast Club, five people enter detention, and only four leave it alive. When the police conclude that this death was no accident, the four remaining students are now the four main suspects, because Simon is all set to reveal their deepest secrets. How far would you go to conceal the truth?
4. Resurrection, by Derek Landy
I finally got it! As much as the cover change sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest of the series, I am so excited to see yet more adventures that Valkyrie and Skulduggery might try to overcome. This is basically my childhood, but in a much more epic way, and I am so excited, you cannot UNDERSTAND. Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Ghastly, maybe Tanith, I don't know! I know absolutely nothing, yet I know there will be sarcasm, sarcastic wit, action, and unity, and a butt full of ACTION AND LAUGHTER from us as readers!
5. Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices #1), by Cassandra Clare
Even though I haven't read the Infernal Devices yet, I do plan to read them later this year, and buying this means that I can jump right in with the Dark Artifices series. I do not know squat about this series at the moment, and that's the way I want it to stay. (Don't want any spoilers). But, I know that I will love this book, because... Cassandra Clare.
6. Oblivion (Power of Five #5), by Anthony Horowitz
I have already loved and completed this series, and let me just comment on the cover for a second: it perfectly grasps the feeling of the place where this fifth and final book in the series is set: Alaska. This book is harsh, and will take your affections on a journey, that will take you by surprise, by how much you will come to care for these characters. This is the story of five children, all with supernatural gifts, and ten thousand years ago, they defeated and banished the Ancient Ones. But ten thousand years later, the Ancient Ones are back. But so are the children. And they are the same children. (They're not actually children, they're 14-15 years old.) But this series is slit-through, and almost cruel, what they have to do during this series. It is one of my favourite childhood series, and I love it so much.

So that is my July Book Haul (2017)! I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you thought in the comments!
I hope you have a wonderful day and a great reading day!

-Abi xxxxx

Monday, 24 July 2017

BookTube-A-Thon TBR

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And even though this marathon is meant for booktubers only, I'm thinking that I'll give it a try (not the video challenges, but the challenges with which I have to read these books.
And I've bought a bucket worth of books this month, so I might get to read those sooner, rather than later.

I am aware that this booktube-a-thon has already started, so I better list these books and start reading!

1. Read a book with a person on the cover.
Chosen book: Songs About A Girl (Songs About A Girl #1), by Chris Russell
If you've been here a while, I read this book last September, and absolutely loved it. And now, I have the sequit el! And I need to re-read the first, purely because I loved it so much! (And it has a person on the cover, so that works).

2. Read a hyped book.
Chosen book: Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2), by Leigh Bardugo
This is a book that I was going to read next month, but it looks like I'll be reading it sooner than I expected! This is something I've been wanting to pick up since I bought it about six months ago. I am also including Six of Crows for another challenge which I think I'm going to read first because, duh, but hopefully I might be able to finish both!

3. Finish a book in one day.
Chosen book: One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus
I chose this book because 1)It's approx. 350 pages, so it's pretty short, and 2)because it looks super interesting. If you didn't know, this is a story based on the breakfast club...
(Except somebody dies...)

4. Read about a character that is very different from you.
Chosen book: Northern Lights (His Dark Materials #1), by Philip Pullman (this is set in the Arctic mostly, which is how it differs). I'm thinking that I'll complete this first, because I'm already working on this for my bookclub on Thursday.

5. Finish a book completely outdoors.
Even though this is quite fluid, and I haven't decided yet what to read outside, (I'm thinking I'll save this for later, so I can decided later), but the front runner is All That She Can See, by Carrie Hope Fletcher, because it just seems like the cutesy, sweet (she bakes) book that would be perfect for finishing outside. Anybody else read this book lately?

6. Read a book you bought because of the cover.
Chosen book: Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1), by Sara Raasch
Funny enough, I actually struggled with this one, because I haven't impulsively bought a book because of the cover for ages.
But, last time I read this book, I didn't love it as much as I thought.
But I'm giving it another chance.

7. Read seven books.
Chosen book: Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1), by Leigh Bardugo.
As I said when I was talking about Crooked Kingdom, I'm reading this to refresh my memory about what happened in the first book, so I can delve straight into the second and final book in the duology. The first book is able seven notorious villains, all with some special skills of their own, sent on an impossible heist.
And they might just do that- if they kill each-other first.

Even though you are allowed to overlap these challenges, the aim is to complete all seven challenges. And even though I might (very small might) be able to do just that, I still want to assign seven books.
All through this week I will be doing updates, so if you aren't interested in this booktube-a-thon, you've been warned!

So that is my post for today, I hope you have a good day and a wonderful reading day, and I will be seeing you on Wednesday!
Keep smiling!

-Abi xxxxxx

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And even though I love reading and blogging, there are certain problems that readers encounter that other people don't know about, so I thought it would be fun to post a list of all the bookwormproblems that those that read experience!
Hope you enjoy the post, and don't forget to comment if you come up with any that I haven't included in this list!

1. Waiting for a new release
There's absolutely nothing worse than starting a book, absolutely adoring everything about it... and then you have to wait a year, or even two years, before the next release.

2. When releases are pushed back
And then there's the time when you wait for the release with bated breath, and when it finally comes, and...
Or even if you find out that the release date has been pushed back, to the following year, and it's like

3. Cliff-hanger
Your reaction:
Need I say more?

4. Organising more space on your bookshelf
There's a constant struggle for readers to either, make a bookshelf look pretty and colourful, and then also trying to preserve enough space to fit yet more books. And then there are the non-readers that go:
"Why not just sell some books?" And it's all we can do not to be-head them.
But the fact remains: It's impossible to get that balance between the beautiful bookshelf we want, and the space we need for more books.

5. The Heartbreak
Just that feeling of heartbreak when a character that you love dies, or something happens in the book that you weren't expecting, and it just sends you into a fit of tears (not naming names or anything, (Fred)).

6. Reading through the night
When you go to bed with just the intent of reading one chapter, and then before you know it, you've finished the book and it's dawn.
It's that simple.

7. Book Hangover
There's also the struggle when you finish a really good book, and you don't want to read anything but something from that world, or you're even thinking about re-reading it again because you just can't read anything else, you JUST CAN'T.

8. When you finish a series
When you finish a series when you've waited for each new release and you finally finish.

But remember...
those are just parts of why it's so good to be a reader! And there's nothing better than coming across a good book!
Remember to comment if you come up with any mire #bookwormproblems, because it's always fun to have a chat with you guys in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will see you on Friday!

-Abi xxxxx

Monday, 17 July 2017

Seasons of Book Blogging Tag

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And near enough two months ago, I got tagged for the Seasons of Book Blogging Tag, and I promised Elena Rotariu (Elena of the Universe- check her out, she's really underrated and amazing) that I would do this eventually- so here it is!

This tag was created by Jordyn from J. Bookish, so go check it out because without Jordyn creating it, none of the rest of us would be doing it either!

I hope you enjoy the Seasons of Book Blogging Tag!

1. Thank the creator (so she can see all of your answers!) and the person who tagged you.
2. Begin with the month in which you have been tagged and move forward from there!
3. State the best gift you’ve ever been given after you answer the question for your birthday month.
4. Tag whomever you’d like when you’re finished.. or else you’ll be “it” forever.
5. Have fun, of course!

Since I was tagged in May, I'm going to start on May, and make my way through the months, through to April. Okay? Okay!

May is the month when the flowers start to bloom. Name a book that was a pleasant surprise for you.
As I mentioned in my review, this book certainly surprised me how quickly I was pulled into the story, and how I got to love the characters was absolutely incredible. I can't wait to see what happens next for the sequel when it's released in September!

June is the time to take a break. Name a book or genre that you like to read when you just need to check out.
I think I'm going to change it for this one, and do a complete series. I re-read this series (started it on Friday and finished it yesterday) for the seemingly millionth time, and I never get tired of this. I highly encourage everybody to read this series because it is fast-paced, gripping, and mind-blowingly good!

July is the time to celebrate your independence! Name a book that made you see fireworks. (Figuratively. Please don't light books on fire.
This book is explosive to say the least. Every page was filled with action, betrayal and shock. (Shock was my reaction). And then, that last part! I loved every minute of this book, and I can understand the hype around this trilogy, because they deserve the hype, by far!

August is the hottest month of the year. Pick an up-and-coming author that you think will be the next hottest thing.

Elly Blake. Because Frostblood is one of my favourite reads so far this year.

September is time for students to go back to school! Pick a book you read for school you actually enjoyed.
(This is my birthday month, by the way)
Okay, even though this isn't technically a book, but a play (we didn't really read books, we discussed plays), I'm going to go with educating Rita, by Willy Russell. Not just because he wrote Blood Brothers (one of my all time favourite musicals), but because it discusses class, and discusses a lower class woman wanting to do more than what is expected, which is to marry a man and produce a child, but a want to be educated, to learn, which is what I loved about this play.

October is time to celebrate Halloween! Pick one character that you would love to dress up as for Halloween. 
 I mean, who wouldn't want to go as Celaena Sardothien? Her outfit is just kick-ass, and with extensions, I would have the hair for it.

November is the month when we're reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. Choose one book you're grateful for having read and give a shout-out to the person that recommended it!
Both my friend Simon and another person I talked to in a bookshop recommended this book, and I am so glad they did because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the concept, the world based around real life videogames that built the foundation for videogames today. It was epic and technological and I recommend this to any sci-fi fan with an interest in videogames!

December is a time when friends and families come together and celebrate. Name one book you would give as a gift.
I think this is the perfect winter read. It's a standalone, it's cute, sweet and short, and it has some amazing authors behind the production. And what's more, there's a book adapted film coming out this December (I'm pretty sure that's the release date). Although I didn't get along with all the characters particularly well, but this is a light, cutesy fun read that I think anyone would enjoy.

January begins a new year. Name a resolution you made this year, and whether you kept it or not!
At the start of the year, I made a resolution to complete the first draft of my novel, which I have already completed! Currently working on the second draft, I hope to get my draft to the best that it can be by the end of the year (though it seems unlikely at this point) so I can approach some literary agents that I've been thinking about contacting!

February is the month of relationships. Name your favourite book relationship: romantic, platonic, or familial, your choice!
I chose these two because... well because.
Do I need a reason?

March is the month for luck and new beginnings. Name a book or series that you would like to re-experience as if you had never read it.
Of course I would love to re-read Harry Potter with a blank slate! I think more than any other series or standalone, which is why I picked this series! There really is no other, at least where I'm concerned.  

April is a spectacularly ordinary month. Name a book that was so over-hyped that it just could not live up to your expectations.
Although I was hesitant to read this at the start, because I wasn't super interested in the story, I decided I should try it because I turned out to be right. Not much actually happens in this book, and the hype was way too big for what the book actually turned out to be like. Saying that, the story picked up at the end, but it still wasn't enough to excuse what little happened in the rest of the book.

I tag
Kato @  Stolen by Books 

So that is my Seasons of Book Blogging Tag! I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know in the comments below if you agree with any of my choices and thoughts- or even have opposing views! Let me know so we can have a discussion on the subject!

I will see you all on Wednesday, and I hope you have a wonderful time in the meantime!

-Abi xxxxx

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it seems that every time I go into town, every time I go into Waterstones (why I choose to torture myself, I have no clue), but every time I go in, my list for all the books I really need just seems to get longer. So today I thought I'd share with you all the books I really need, and the reason why.
Let me know, is this just me? Because I'd love to know that it isn't just me that feels like this!

1. Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1), by Laini Taylor
Even though a large reason of why I want this is the cover (like I don't think I've fallen in love with a cover so quickly) I've also been dying to pick up a book by Laini Taylor since I heard about this about a year ago. Aside from that, this book has got nothing but fantastic reviews since it's release and I am eager to read it (so eager that I added it to my TBR for this month, before I've even bought). So tell me, if you've already read it, what did you think of it? Comment below.
2. Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection, by Derek Landy
Not only am I super excited to read about some of my absolute favourite characters once again, I need to add this to my collection of Derek Landy books (I own every single one of his Skulduggery Pleasant books, and Demon Road trilogy, which is a total of 14), so I MUST HAVE THIS. Not to mention the fact that they are specifically signed by Derek Landy himself, which was just the icing on the top of the cake, frankly. Looking forward to a total Skulduggery Pleasant re-read, so watch out for that if you're a Derek Landy fan.
3. The Final Empire (Mistborn #1), by Brandon Sanderson
The amount of time that I have been looking for this book in charity shops is a joke. So I was thinking that I'd wait for my birthday (it's in September) to wait to get this book. I might still have to wait for that (especially as I do have a bunch of books left to read), but I hope that I get to marathon this soon because, it's the Mistborn trilogy, this big fantasy trilogy that has not got one single complaint, as far as I've heard.
4. Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3), by Cassandra Clare
Yet another book that I've been looking for for seemingly forever. Also, to make it worse, the two previous books (Clockwork Angel and Prince, if you didn't know) are of the older design. So to add to that, I feel like I should try and find the older design so they all look like they match. So I ask a question with this: should I cave and get the newer edition, even if it doesn't match? Let me know in the comments. This is another trilogy I hope to get to by the end of the year, which seems unlikely at this point.

5. One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus
Even though I've never seen the Breakfast Club (don't hate me, I just haven't yet) this book appealed to me as soon as I heard what happens. To tell you in short, five people are in detention. These people have absolutely in common, one's a jock, one a geek, one a criminal, one's a princess, and the other, at the end of the detention, will expose the other four's deepest secrets to the school. Only he doesn't make it out of detention. Deemed by the police the following day that his was no accident. And his threat makes all of the other's suspects to his murder. Just the quote on this book's Goodreads post is enough to put a tingle down my spine ("Pay close attention and you might solve this.") I cannot wait to read this, purely because it just sounds like something I would love to read.

6. Songs About Us (Songs About A Girl #2), by Chris Russell
And finally, the book I just had to tag on. If you want to know more about this book, you can read my "Introducing... Songs About Us (Songs About A Girl #2), by Chris Russell" post, which you can see by clicking this title above. Everything that I know about this book is in that post, and there's also the Goodreads page on the website for this book. This is released tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be reading this within the next couple of months.  

7. BYLTHM (Because You Love To Hate Me), by Various Authors and their YouTubers
Now, I'm not too sure if this will be out in the UK, purely because the authors and YouTubers all seem to be based in the US (I don't know this for sure, so please don't complain if I've got this wrong) but hopefully I might get a chance to read this if I can ship it into the UK somehow. Not giving up hope! But basically, the concept is 13 authors got matched up with Booktubers. The Booktubers provided a premise: pick a villain and put them in a situation, and the authors have to write a story within that premise. Those booktubers are Abookutopia, Polandbananasbooks, Jessethereader to name a few. They all came up with 13 short-stories for 13 villains, and it just looks super interesting because nothing like this has been done before. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a copy!

So that is the end of ALL I BOOKS I REALLY NEED. Just something about going into bookshops just makes my book list GROW. Will I ever get to the point when I don't want to get about 7 books at a time? Who knows? (Though it occurs to me that that would be quite a boring existence). But am I like the only one? Let me know!
So that is all I have for you guys today, I hope you enjoyed the post, and I will see you all on Friday!

-Abi xxxxxxx

Monday, 10 July 2017

31-40 Books of 2017

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And even though I posted 21-30 Books of 2017 less than a month ago, I do also still need to catch up on these posts. Hence, another look back! Hope you enjoy it, and I love to hear your thoughts on these posts, whether that's constructive criticism, or praise, I like to know what you think I do well, and what I could improve on!
With further ado, let's start the post!

31. Tempest (Tempest #1), by Julie Cross
This is the first book in the tempest trilogy, and even though it was a re-read, to recap on what happened in the first book so I could continue on with the second without too much trouble, I got through it with pretty much the same feeling as I had the first time around: not too heavy, quite a light and fast read, and even though the characters didn't go into the depth that I hoped they would, they were still relatable and real enough that I didn't hate them. Quite the opposite in fact. It set up just the right amount to carry me through to the second book. Full review here if you want my thoughts on my first read through.
32. Vortex (Tempest #2), by Julie Cross
If I had one critique from the first book, it would be that you didn't have enough information about the characters to truly be pulled into their story and the story that was happening around them. That all changed in the second book. What the first book hinted at and started to go in that direction at the end of the first book pulled you to the main plot in the second. I was glad that I made the decision to re-read the first book because I would have been lost if I had attempted the second without the re-read, so watch out for that if you're currently reading this trilogy. Anyway, this book made for an intense middle of the trilogy, and I can't wait to see how it ends.
33. The Crooked Sixpence (The Uncommoners #1), by Jennifer Bell
Okay, I have to say that I read this in the space of a day, purely because I did not have anything better to do and I wanted this finished and off my shelf haunting me. Admittedly, it wasn't totally bad, the quirkiness of the characters and the world that this book introduced me to keep me engaged enough that I was curious about this absurd world, but I didn't form an emotional attachment to any of the characters, and I didn't feel the sensation to pick up the second book after I was finished (at all), so overall I don't think I'm going to continue the series as I like the way it finished.
34. The Edge of Everything (The Edge of Everything #1), by Jeff Giles
This was also a book that I finished that day (I was pulling these out all the time that week), but for a different reason. Even though the starting was kind of slow, and I vastly despise insta-love, I have to admit, after the slow and dreary start, it picked up unexpectedly, and it just carried on that way all through to the end. One thing that I loved about the characters was that they remained consistent through the book, no matter what was thrown at them, and they remained faithful to each-other no matter what (even if the insta-love was strong in this book). All in all, I am desperate to see what happens to the characters in the second book.
35. After You (Me Before You #2), by JoJo Moyes
Haunted by the end of the first book, I was loath to pick this up. But eventually, the curiosity of the other characters did after the horrific event was enough for me to pick it up. And I was reminded of the beautiful way that Moyes is able to weave the heart-breaking with the light humour that she seems able to do with every book that she publishes. When the book starts, things are far from perfect. Her family are yet to forgive Louisa for what she did 18 months ago, and there's a new character that stirs things up and turns everything backwards. But overall, if you are considering picking this book up, I urge you to do it, because I thoroughly enjoyed it and I guarantee you will too. Oh, and I have a review for it here.
I think I've talked about this book a bunch, and if you want to know my full thoughts and feelings on this book you can click the title to see my review. All I'm saying is that I loved the first book and am really anticipating the second book (it's out on the 19th September, so not long to wait!). This is basically a fight to death for the crown. Every generation three sisters, all with their own unique gift, are born, and when those three sisters are 16, the fight between the kingdoms begins.
37. Contagion (Dark Matters #1), by Teri Terry
I'm still deciding whether to post a review for this. Or maybe... let me know in the comments if you want a review! If even one of you comments, then I will for sure post one! But, if I'm honest, even if I did really enjoy this book, it was a good start to the trilogy, but it just didn't do it for me as much as I thought it would. (Of course I'm going to carry on the series, just because it was written by Teri Terry). But I'm hoping it'll pick up and I'll get a better idea of where the overall story is heading. One thing I will say is that the characters were as authentic as they are in all of her other books, which is good.
38. The Girls, by Emma Cline
What I liked about this book was that you are immediately introduced into this place, this circumstances, this situation, that you hear about, in the corner of the world, when the buildings are covered with grime and such things such as murder and darkness that seem impossible in a normal place. It's sticky and dangerous and must be avoided at all times. Based on the madson murders in 1969, Evie's story is one of a girl who has no experience with these things, but entranced by the girls' promises, she soon finds herself in this situation. It's the story to read if you are in the mood for a short, yet captivating read.
39. Orangeboy, by Patrick Lawrence
Now, as much as I enjoyed this book, the brutality with which the world of gangs and knives are shown, I admit I did have some problems. I enjoyed the first part, the introduction, how quickly events started happening after the first chapter, (that didn't feel rushed at all), but then by the end it all just got ridiculous how he just took it too far! (Sorry, it's just my opinion). All in all, even though I didn't regret reading it, but I wish it had been a bit shorter
40. I'll Give You The Sun, by Jandy Nelson (Re-read)
As I mentioned in my wrap up, I talked about how lovely it was to relive and read about the characters I'd come to love about a year ago. If you want my full thoughts on this book you can check out my review here.

So that was my 31-40 Books of 2017! Hopefully I'll be doing another one of these, since I have upped the number of books I plan to read for my Goodreads reading challenge of 2017. You can check the books I've read so far this year here. 
So that is all I have for you here! I hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget to comment whether you want me to review Contagion (in the comments below)!
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you on Wednesday!

-Abi xxxxxxx

Friday, 7 July 2017

Books vs Film Adaptions

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I know I posted on Twitter that my review of The Girls would be up today, but I decided to post something a little different today!
So I want to pose the question:
Which one do you prefer, and if you could only have one, which would you choose?
This is sort of a discussion post, so let me know in the comments if you have any points that you'd like to make!

The fact remains that both books and films are forms of entertainment, for all to enjoy. Books, made of millions and millions of words, are a personal thing, something to help the reader visualise the world that they have created, and leave space for the reader to see it the way that individual reads and imagines it. Books can be used to educate, to inform, and they can be about a world of different subjects, whether it discusses mental health, the LGBT community, or about disease, in a number of different formats. Words have the power to change people, for the better for the worst, and so many of those words are withheld within books.

Films, on the other hand, are what connects your eyes, and allow you to see the story, not with the mind, but with the eye, and allows you to marvel at the cinematography in these new worlds that someone, whether that be an author, or a director has created.

But to quote Shakespeare,
"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind." 
And even though to read books and watch films aren't always to fall in love (though with characters like Edward Cullen, I'd hasten to disagree), people do learn to love with the mind, not so much as how someone looks. (Because you can love the way someone looks, but you fall in love with someone because of them, who they are as a person- look at me, becoming a love expect, not).

On the other hand, as much as films are good at appealing to wider audiences, with beautiful scenes and an easy following, they never feel exactly like they do in the books, (if they are book adapted films, that is). The characters are never as well developed, because you are never able to tell what the characters are thinking, and so they are harder to relate to.

To wrap this discussion up, I think that I'm going to have to opt for books. As well as the fact that we can relate to the characters easier, because we are reading from their perspective, but because reading about these characters give us the chance to create our own unique vision of them. Films may be the bridge for a wider audience, but many of the world-winning films we have today would not exist without books.

But as this is a discussion, I would like to know what you guys think? Do you have any points that I missed for either films or books? Would you rather watch films than read books? Let me know in the comments, and I will reply when I can.

So that was my Books vs Films discussion! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday!

-Abi xxxxxx

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Introducing... Songs About Us, by Chris Russell

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
It's so hot today! Can anybody else feel this heat?
Now today I wanted to talk about a book that comes out next week, and just screams summer! (Mainly because it comes out in the peak summer time).
And that book is Songs About Us, by Chris Russell!

Now, if you've been following this blog for a while, then you know that I read the first book in the series last September, and even though it wasn't my normal cup of tea, I was thoroughly (and pleasantly) surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

For the first book, you can check out my review here. (What I loved was that the author, Chris Russell actually contacted me about my review, which was absolutely amazing! He's so lovely, and I can't wait to read the second book in the series).

Now, this wasn't a recap of the first book, but an introduction of the second (though you should expect a re-read of the first next month, just a heads up).

The next book in the series is called Songs About Us, and I'm warning you now, there might be a couple of spoilers in the blurb.
I've warned you! Here's the blurb and the cover for Songs About Us:

 "Two months on from the explosive finale to book one, Charlie's life is almost back to normal again: rebuilding her relationship with her father, hanging out with best mate Melissa, and worrying about GCSEs. All the while, Gabe's revelations about her mother are never far from her mind. And neither is Gabe.

It's not long before Charlie is pulled back into the world of Fire&Lights - but the band seem different this time. But then again, so is she...

Meanwhile, tensions between Gabe and Olly continue to run high, leading to more turmoil between the band members and press than ever before. But when Gabriel and Charlie stumble upon yet another startling truth that links them together - everything they have stands to implode in front of them."

I'm reading this blurb, and I'm getting both the feeling that I know which was the story is heading, but also a complete unknown.
But what I can take from this blurb is that there will definitely be romance, tension, and it's good to see the family aspect hasn't been lost in the second book either.
But what I can predict is that this will be an amazing book of love, choice, chasing your dreams and finding the truth.

Let me know in the comments if you are looking forward to this as much as I am! I can't wait to see what happens in this and how the story will continue.
So I will see you all on Friday, and I hope you have a wonderful day (and try and get a tan)!

-Abi xxxxxx