Friday, 7 July 2017

Books vs Film Adaptions

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I know I posted on Twitter that my review of The Girls would be up today, but I decided to post something a little different today!
So I want to pose the question:
Which one do you prefer, and if you could only have one, which would you choose?
This is sort of a discussion post, so let me know in the comments if you have any points that you'd like to make!

The fact remains that both books and films are forms of entertainment, for all to enjoy. Books, made of millions and millions of words, are a personal thing, something to help the reader visualise the world that they have created, and leave space for the reader to see it the way that individual reads and imagines it. Books can be used to educate, to inform, and they can be about a world of different subjects, whether it discusses mental health, the LGBT community, or about disease, in a number of different formats. Words have the power to change people, for the better for the worst, and so many of those words are withheld within books.

Films, on the other hand, are what connects your eyes, and allow you to see the story, not with the mind, but with the eye, and allows you to marvel at the cinematography in these new worlds that someone, whether that be an author, or a director has created.

But to quote Shakespeare,
"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind." 
And even though to read books and watch films aren't always to fall in love (though with characters like Edward Cullen, I'd hasten to disagree), people do learn to love with the mind, not so much as how someone looks. (Because you can love the way someone looks, but you fall in love with someone because of them, who they are as a person- look at me, becoming a love expect, not).

On the other hand, as much as films are good at appealing to wider audiences, with beautiful scenes and an easy following, they never feel exactly like they do in the books, (if they are book adapted films, that is). The characters are never as well developed, because you are never able to tell what the characters are thinking, and so they are harder to relate to.

To wrap this discussion up, I think that I'm going to have to opt for books. As well as the fact that we can relate to the characters easier, because we are reading from their perspective, but because reading about these characters give us the chance to create our own unique vision of them. Films may be the bridge for a wider audience, but many of the world-winning films we have today would not exist without books.

But as this is a discussion, I would like to know what you guys think? Do you have any points that I missed for either films or books? Would you rather watch films than read books? Let me know in the comments, and I will reply when I can.

So that was my Books vs Films discussion! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday!

-Abi xxxxxx