Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And even though I love reading and blogging, there are certain problems that readers encounter that other people don't know about, so I thought it would be fun to post a list of all the bookwormproblems that those that read experience!
Hope you enjoy the post, and don't forget to comment if you come up with any that I haven't included in this list!

1. Waiting for a new release
There's absolutely nothing worse than starting a book, absolutely adoring everything about it... and then you have to wait a year, or even two years, before the next release.

2. When releases are pushed back
And then there's the time when you wait for the release with bated breath, and when it finally comes, and...
Or even if you find out that the release date has been pushed back, to the following year, and it's like

3. Cliff-hanger
Your reaction:
Need I say more?

4. Organising more space on your bookshelf
There's a constant struggle for readers to either, make a bookshelf look pretty and colourful, and then also trying to preserve enough space to fit yet more books. And then there are the non-readers that go:
"Why not just sell some books?" And it's all we can do not to be-head them.
But the fact remains: It's impossible to get that balance between the beautiful bookshelf we want, and the space we need for more books.

5. The Heartbreak
Just that feeling of heartbreak when a character that you love dies, or something happens in the book that you weren't expecting, and it just sends you into a fit of tears (not naming names or anything, (Fred)).

6. Reading through the night
When you go to bed with just the intent of reading one chapter, and then before you know it, you've finished the book and it's dawn.
It's that simple.

7. Book Hangover
There's also the struggle when you finish a really good book, and you don't want to read anything but something from that world, or you're even thinking about re-reading it again because you just can't read anything else, you JUST CAN'T.

8. When you finish a series
When you finish a series when you've waited for each new release and you finally finish.

But remember...
those are just parts of why it's so good to be a reader! And there's nothing better than coming across a good book!
Remember to comment if you come up with any mire #bookwormproblems, because it's always fun to have a chat with you guys in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will see you on Friday!

-Abi xxxxx