Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it seems that every time I go into town, every time I go into Waterstones (why I choose to torture myself, I have no clue), but every time I go in, my list for all the books I really need just seems to get longer. So today I thought I'd share with you all the books I really need, and the reason why.
Let me know, is this just me? Because I'd love to know that it isn't just me that feels like this!

1. Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1), by Laini Taylor
Even though a large reason of why I want this is the cover (like I don't think I've fallen in love with a cover so quickly) I've also been dying to pick up a book by Laini Taylor since I heard about this about a year ago. Aside from that, this book has got nothing but fantastic reviews since it's release and I am eager to read it (so eager that I added it to my TBR for this month, before I've even bought). So tell me, if you've already read it, what did you think of it? Comment below.
2. Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection, by Derek Landy
Not only am I super excited to read about some of my absolute favourite characters once again, I need to add this to my collection of Derek Landy books (I own every single one of his Skulduggery Pleasant books, and Demon Road trilogy, which is a total of 14), so I MUST HAVE THIS. Not to mention the fact that they are specifically signed by Derek Landy himself, which was just the icing on the top of the cake, frankly. Looking forward to a total Skulduggery Pleasant re-read, so watch out for that if you're a Derek Landy fan.
3. The Final Empire (Mistborn #1), by Brandon Sanderson
The amount of time that I have been looking for this book in charity shops is a joke. So I was thinking that I'd wait for my birthday (it's in September) to wait to get this book. I might still have to wait for that (especially as I do have a bunch of books left to read), but I hope that I get to marathon this soon because, it's the Mistborn trilogy, this big fantasy trilogy that has not got one single complaint, as far as I've heard.
4. Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3), by Cassandra Clare
Yet another book that I've been looking for for seemingly forever. Also, to make it worse, the two previous books (Clockwork Angel and Prince, if you didn't know) are of the older design. So to add to that, I feel like I should try and find the older design so they all look like they match. So I ask a question with this: should I cave and get the newer edition, even if it doesn't match? Let me know in the comments. This is another trilogy I hope to get to by the end of the year, which seems unlikely at this point.

5. One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus
Even though I've never seen the Breakfast Club (don't hate me, I just haven't yet) this book appealed to me as soon as I heard what happens. To tell you in short, five people are in detention. These people have absolutely in common, one's a jock, one a geek, one a criminal, one's a princess, and the other, at the end of the detention, will expose the other four's deepest secrets to the school. Only he doesn't make it out of detention. Deemed by the police the following day that his was no accident. And his threat makes all of the other's suspects to his murder. Just the quote on this book's Goodreads post is enough to put a tingle down my spine ("Pay close attention and you might solve this.") I cannot wait to read this, purely because it just sounds like something I would love to read.

6. Songs About Us (Songs About A Girl #2), by Chris Russell
And finally, the book I just had to tag on. If you want to know more about this book, you can read my "Introducing... Songs About Us (Songs About A Girl #2), by Chris Russell" post, which you can see by clicking this title above. Everything that I know about this book is in that post, and there's also the Goodreads page on the website for this book. This is released tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be reading this within the next couple of months.  

7. BYLTHM (Because You Love To Hate Me), by Various Authors and their YouTubers
Now, I'm not too sure if this will be out in the UK, purely because the authors and YouTubers all seem to be based in the US (I don't know this for sure, so please don't complain if I've got this wrong) but hopefully I might get a chance to read this if I can ship it into the UK somehow. Not giving up hope! But basically, the concept is 13 authors got matched up with Booktubers. The Booktubers provided a premise: pick a villain and put them in a situation, and the authors have to write a story within that premise. Those booktubers are Abookutopia, Polandbananasbooks, Jessethereader to name a few. They all came up with 13 short-stories for 13 villains, and it just looks super interesting because nothing like this has been done before. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a copy!

So that is the end of ALL I BOOKS I REALLY NEED. Just something about going into bookshops just makes my book list GROW. Will I ever get to the point when I don't want to get about 7 books at a time? Who knows? (Though it occurs to me that that would be quite a boring existence). But am I like the only one? Let me know!
So that is all I have for you guys today, I hope you enjoyed the post, and I will see you all on Friday!

-Abi xxxxxxx