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Desolation (Demon Road #2), by Derek Landy

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I feel like since I've already finished this trilogy, I should review the second book in the series.
So here is my review for Desolation, the second book in the Demon Road trilogy!

Desolation (Demon Road #2), by Derek Landy
Title: Desolation
Author: Derek Landy
Genre: Supernatural, action, comedy
Release date: April, 2016
Pages: 460
Blurb: " Reeling from their bloody
encounter in New York City at the
end of Demon Road, Amber and
Milo flee north. On their trail are
the Hounds of Hell- five demonic
bikers who will stop at nothing
to drag their quarries back to
their unholy master.

Amber and Milo's only hope lies
within Desolation Hill- a small
town with a big secret; a town
with a darkness to it, where
evil seeps through the very
floorboards. Until, on one night
every year, it spills over onto the
streets and all hell breaks loose."


My Thoughts
On the whole, I really enjoyed this book.  It was a lot more mysterious than the first one, where they were off on a mad pursuit away from Amber's demonic parents, but in this one, they stayed in the same place, which was Desolation Hill- a place where evil demons are unable to breach- and it definitely gave the whole story a lot more mystery, which is thrown straight at you, even from the blurb (above) as you can see.

It did have less humour than what was normal for Landy, though there was still some humour in it. That was one thing that there was less of, but with the amount of mystery there was, there was always going to be less of something else. The good thing was that the humour didn't disappear completely, and that was good, because a Derek Landy isn't complete without a little bit of that dry sarcasm that I've came to love.

This book was probably the most unique book that I have read by Derek Landy to date, because it was a lot more adult than the others I have previously read (so the Skulduggery Pleasant series and Demon Road) because it had a lot more adult content, shall we say.

That brings me to something else I really liked: this book is a LGBTQ story. I also liked that it was treated with a humour, and that it wasn't laughing at the characters, but rather with them. It also doesn't distract the reader from the main story, it's merely a subplot. And it's so refreshing in this Demon infested world.

Another thing. All the little bits of dialogue, the LGBTQ parts, and the different perspectives (that added a lot more than you would have thought at the start, considering who they were) didn't distract from the main storyline, which was Desolation Hill, and what the hell The Narrow Man, and this dreaded Hell Night was supposed to be.

Which brings me to plot. I'm not going to divulge too much about the plot, as it is the second book in a trilogy, and I want you all to read this, so we can all talk about it, but the book's plot centres around Desolation Hill, the legend of Narrow Man (he was a person that parents made up to scare their children into behaving), and this night that happens once a year, but nobody speaks about for the rest of the year. To the people living in Desolation Hill, it's the equivalent of a sweet high, with a can of the best energy drink. It happens once a year, and Amber and Milo are trying to figure out what the hell it is.

Now, the characters. We got introduced to some very cool characters in this book, as well as learning a bit more about our already existing characters. (Especially Milo, which is always a good thing because he is such an interesting character).
We met a couple of older characters that remind me a lot of Derek Landy himself to be honest (I haven't met him, but from his tweets on twitter), These characters are nuts. Pure bloody nuts. They are witty, stuck in the past (they used to be on a famous tv show). One of them still thinks he's in that show, not literally, but he's always trying to be the hero and take risks. They both have a massive sense of humour that is also unlike Derek's (dry and sarcastic), and they've got like a comedy act going it seems. They show that no matter how much you age, you're sense of humour will always remain intact.
Other than those two, a group of Demon hunting kids get introduced as well. They are sort of like the Sccoby Doo gang, because there are four kids (around Amber's age) and one dog, and this group, along with the two older guys, and Amber and Milo, team up to sort the whole mess up. I liked the team aspect of this book a lot.

Now, the writing. I honestly don't know how Derek Landy does it, to be honest. He releases these books every six months, and yet, none of these books, this one in particular, have no inkling of feeling rushed, or underwritten at all. Desolation was creepy as heck, and it was the writing that made it that way. It was also fast paced when it needed to be (I swear to god, I was on the edge of my seat, from start to finish, I went from page 130 to 460 in two days, that's how gripping it was).

So overall, I loved this book (no surprise there, I've been advertising this trilogy for god knows how long). Loved the new characters, loved the mystery of Desolation Hill, loved the action, and I can't wait for... something to do with American Monsters (can't say I'm looking forward to reading it, because I've already read it!)
And I hope you all read this, because it is amazing!

So that is my review of Desolation (Demon Road #2), by Derek Landy! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you thought in the comments!
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