Monday, 7 August 2017

41-50 Books of 2017

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And even though I said that the last one of these would be the last because I was close to completing my Goodreads goal, but since I extended my Goodreads goal of 2017, it looks like it's time for another one!

41. Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty
As I said in my wrap up, this book has a strange quality that just makes you want to keep reading. It's not the sort of book that I like to pick up normally, but this book is dripping with secrets and suspicion, in the most unlikely of places. It was also really fun trying to piece together the mystery of how something so petty could  equal to... a murder. Just a really good book.

The amount of times I've talked about this book... just, the link to my review is in the title, if you want to see any of my more in depth thoughts.

43. Noughts and Crosses (Noughts and Crosses #1), by Malorie Blackman

44. Knife-edge (Noughts and Crosses #2), by Malorie Blackman

45. Checkmate (Noughts and Crosses #3), by Malorie Blackman

46. Double Cross (Noughts and Crosses #4), by Malorie Blackman
Again the amount of times I've talked to you guys about this series, you must be so bored of it by this point. But this book series takes place over generations, and it goes from noughts being treated like they're nothing, and it generates a number of themes that have me crying every single time I read the words. It deals with first love, racial class, terrorism, and it gives a perspective from both sides, which just makes it that much more realistic. Seriously, if you get the chance to pick any one of these books up, please do!

47. Northern Lights (His Dark Materials #1), by Philip Pullman
God damn this book was slow! (That's just my initial thought). But despite the fact that it was one of the slowest books I've ever had the fortune to read, it was also kind of interesting, and the parts where something actually happened were like short staccato bursts of surprise that would almost knock you off your feet if you weren't prepared. You also got to see how all the different places that Lyra travelled too, all the while completely clueless as to what she was destined to do. If I have nothing else to read, I might consider carrying on with the trilogy, but not before then.

48. Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1), by Leigh Bardugo
Even though this was just a re-read, just a recap so I could familiarise myself of the story before I continued on with Crooked Kingdom, I did actual enjoy reading through it a second time, compared through to the first. It might be something to do with how I read it all the way through in one go, rather than in little segments over an extended period of time. I connected with the characters more, and they became real, like real, genuine people.

49. One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus
Even if the challenge for this book was to finish it in one day, I have no doubt that I would have finished it in one day anyway! I have already talked about this in my wrap up, you can check it out, and at one point I will definitely be posting a review, so look out for that! This tells the story of five people that come into detention, and only four leave. Under suspicion for their murder, you follow the four of them as they try to find out what has happened- but you never know if one of them to lying to the group, which is part of why I love this book, because there's never the confirmation that they're all on the same page!

50. Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2), by Leigh Bardugo
And finally, Crooked Kingdom (review coming up this week, I promise!) The second and final book in the Six of Crows duology, and I have to admit, I was super intimidated at first! Just because it was so big, and the print was smaller, but I actually ended up being sucked right into, which I love to do with a book this complex and intricate and fast paced. What I loved is that the crew from the first book have become closer, and they're also more like family now, which makes what happens in the book all the more heart-breaking. It's like the second and third book all rolled into one. There's a build up, a kind of foreboding that whatever is going to happen in this book is going to be big- bigger than all of them, and they don't know who is going to be left afterwards. I would actually go as far to say as you should read this duology purely for the second book.  

So that was my 41-50 Books of 2017! Hopefully I'll get to do another one of these because I have (again) extended my Goodreads goal!
So that is all I have today! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you all on Wednesday!

-Abi xxxxxx