Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A Brief Message

Hey guys, this is Abi here,

And I am here with a message.

This month... I'm not too sure how much I will be posting.

There are a number of reasons.

Reason 1)

Okay, I am just super busy with a certain piece of work that is a H-U-G-E part of my final grade.
It would be just my luck (and brain) to screw it up, so I am hyper focusing on getting through it, and being focused on it, and making it better than usual.

Which is why I'm not really going to make posting on here a priority.

I hope you understand, this is more of less something I do for a hobby, to take a break from the zillions of responsibilities that I currently have.
(*Sigh* Adulting)

But unfortunately, those things have to come first.

Kind of.

Reason 2)
... What do I say for this one...

Okay. As of last week, something drastic changed for a loved one's health...

Well, deteriorated....


I don't need to say anymore than that, do I?

That comes first.

The end.

So, I'm sorry guys, but those kind of things just have to take priority. They can't not. Sorry, double negative.
But, who knows?!
They may not impact my blogging schedule at all!
But I'm not going to say don't expect me to post, because I'm putting no pressure on myself this month.
Just warning you know.

So, that is all I will be posting today!
I have to apologise for this very vague and brief post, but I feel like I had to mention it on my blog because not everybody follows me on twitter (@TheWorldIsBooks)
So... that's all I have for you all today!
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you all on Friday (maybe).

-Abi xxxxxx