Sunday, 10 January 2016

Double Cross (Noughts & Crosses #4), by Malorie Blackman (Re-read)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I finished Double Cross! Said I would...
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Double Cross (Noughts & Crosses #4), by Malorie 
Blackman (Re-read)
Title: Double Cross
Author: Malorie Blackman (last one no!!!!)
Genre: YA (Young Adult), and everything else!
Release date: November 2008
Pages: 434 
Blurb: Tobey wants a better life for him and his girlfriend, Calling Rose. He wants nothing to do with the violent gangs that rule his world. 
But when he's offered the chance to make some money, he's tempted. It seems so easy, so innocent. 
How much harm can it do? 

My Thoughts
This book has to rank 3/4 out of all of the books in this series. Behind Checkmate and Noughts & Crosses, but in front of Knife-edge. Knife-edge was still brilliant, but I just like the direction that this one takes more. 
This book seems a bit dispatched to the rest, (which if you had read the introduction at the front, Malorie said that she originally wanted the series to be a trilogy). But to be honest, I am so happy that she decided to add an extra book to make it a series. 
Now this book focuses on just one character, and that is Tobey. (And Callie Rose for the first 150 odd pages, but the reason that we stop seeing Callie Rose's point of view is the whole reason over why we follow Tobey for the rest of the book) and the path that Tobey takes is really interesting, from what he is at the start of the book to what he is at the end (they are worlds apart).
The plot follows Tobey trying to get revenge on McAuley after something happens to Callie Rose. The way the plot goes is unpredictable, gasp worthy and best of all, like nothing anyone has seen before.
The writing, yet again, is absolutely incredible. It just flows. 
And with that I say goodbye to this series! Next, I will be re-reading Torn, by Cat Clarke. 
So, that is my post for today guys! I will be seeing you tomorrow, bye! 

-Abi xxxxx