Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Wrap Up (2016)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it is the last day of January! And so, with the end of January, comes the January Wrap Up! And so, let's get started!

January Wrap Up
Ok, so these are the books that I read in the month of January:
1. Noughts & Crosses (Noughts & Crosses #1), by Malorie Blackman
2. Knife-edge (Noughts & Crosses #2), by Malorie Blackman
3. Checkmate (Noughts & Crosses #3), by Malorie Blackman
4. Double Cross (Noughts & Crosses), by Malorie Blackman
5. Torn, by Cat Clarke
6. Bomb, by Sarah Mussi
7. Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone
8. Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1), by Sara Raasch
And all of these do have a review for them, so you can find those on my page (somewhere).

TBR Jar Challenges
1.Read a graphic novel
2. Read a book published in 2016

Read a graphic novel: Well, out of the two, I thought that it would be this one that I didn't end up doing, but NO! Because the book that I wanted to read for the other category (Passenger, by Alexandra Bracken) is NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK, which I am really annoyed about. But I did read Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone.

Read a book published in 2016: Well, since Passenger is not available in the UK (OMG), I'm just going to wait for "On the Other Side", by Carrie Hope Fletcher, which is a book that I am really anticipating (even though I don't think that I put it on my most anticipated books of 2016 list), but yeah.

So, that is all I have for you guys today, I hope you liked this post, I will see you tomorrow, with my February TBR, and bye!

-Abi xxxxx