Monday, 18 January 2016

Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And yesterday, I finished one of my TBR Jar Challenges! (Read an illustrated novel), and so today, I am going to be doing a review of that book! (Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone), and so, let's get on with the review!

Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone
Title: Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone
Author: Really don't know
Genre: Action/Adventure
Release date: N/A
Pages: 96 
Blurb: N/A

My Thoughts
Oh god, I flew through this in one sitting! And that's an achievement as I pretty much only read on the bus. 
Now, this one just went from strength to strength. It has witty dialogue, action around every corner, yet the romance when the situation expected it too. 
Loved this, and I can see why there's a videogame, and some films on it too. 
Lara seemed to be everything really- confident and kick-ass most of the time, but when the romance creeper in, she seemed to become fairly insecure, which is really what you need in this kind of illustrated novel. The other characters were primarily the same, but it was the Tomb Raider who stole the show, in my opinion. 
The plot took me to a place I wasn't expecting it to take me to. I thought that it would focus on just one thing, but it was multiple things that was happening in the novel. Like I said, it was just one thing after another. 
Well, to be honest, there wasn't much else apart from the dialogue, and that's all this illustrated novel needed. 

So, those are my thoughts on Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone! I hoped you liked it! 
If you didn't know, it snowed yesterday, and that influenced me to pick up Snow Like Ashes, and I am now currently reading that! It is a fairly hefty book, so it may take me a while to finish it, but do not fear, I will eventually, bye! 

-Abi xxxxx