Sunday, 14 August 2016

Face-off #3: Gale vs Thresh (Hunger Games)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And today I am going to be doing another face-off!
And guess what:both characters are from Hunger Games, so everyone knows them!
So here's the face-off:

Face-off 3: Gale vs Thresh (Hunger Games)

Gale vs Thresh 

I honestly think if these two were put up against each-other, it would be quite close. They're both quite similar in styles. 

The only upper-hand I reckon Gale might have is the bow-and-arrow, but in terms of power, I think that Thresh would be better, just slightly. 

They are both resourceful, and both smart enough to survive under unlikely conditions (Gale from the time he was 12 and his father died, and Thresh in the Hunger Games). 

They are actually quite close, if you think about it. 

Also, if Gale had been in the Hunger Games (not that he would because Katniss would have killed him) I doubt he would have done as well as Thresh had, had he been alone. To quote the book "If anything, he seems to have gained weight in the arena". Saying that, Gale wasn't in the arena, so that point doesn't change anything. 

Also, we haven't seen Gale run (not that I know of), but I'm willing to bet that Thresh is faster because we saw him run in the arena, and he was fast. As. Lightning. 

But then again, Cato was good enough to kill him, and I can't see him getting to Gale. 

Okay, this is difficult. 
I'm gonna go with Gale. He's good with a bow-and-arrow, and even though I doubt he's faster than Thresh, I also think he'd be able to overpower Cato, and Thresh couldn't. So, I honestly think that Gale would be better in a face-off.

So that is my post! I hope you enjoyed it!
What did you think? Would Gale or Thresh come off better in a fight? Comment below!
So have a wonderful day, and I will see you all tomorrow!

-Abi xxxxx