Friday, 19 August 2016

Top 5 Character Names

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And today I am going to be listing some of my favourite names from some of my favourite books.

Top 5 Character Names

Now, names are an important part of the characters. At first impression, a character's name is sort of an insight in what the kind of role the character might play in the story. Also, a character's name is also an insight into what their parents are like, and what they expect of them(because they named them). So these are my favourite names in the books that I have read. 
So here they are!

1. Klaus Baudelaire (from the "Series of Unfortunate Events" series)
(I just love this picture, because it shows what Klaus is all about)
The name Klaus Baudelaire just flows off the tip of the tongue. The other two do too, because that surname is gorgeous, but you can say Klaus Baudelaire without any trouble and it sounds really aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Solomon Wreath (from the "Skulduggery Pleasant" series)
This name sounds creepy, and it sums up the character to a tea. Solomon Wreath is a necromancer, and he is one of the leader in Necromancy, which is death magic. His name perfectly sums him up, and the craft he practises. 

3. Grubbs Grady (from the "Demonata" series)
(That isn't actually him, he isn't a dog :) )
The name is just a fresh air. It is a nickname, but it's how he's known throughout the entire series. It's quite a catchy nickname, and it suits the character down to the ground. (Grubbs is fast, funny, and sarcastic.)

4. Edward Cullen (from the "Twilight" series)
(He looks best when he's doing his crooked smile, in my opinion)
Do I need to explain this one?

5. Celeana Sardothien (from the "Throne of Glass" series)
Even though I've only read The Assassin's Blade and Throne of Glass, I still love her name. It sounds smooth and exotic and different, and Celeana is the first character that springs to mind when I try to think of characters that are unique. 

So that is my Top 5 Character Names! I hope you enjoyed the post, and I will see you all on Sunday! (I hope to have finished Six of Crows by then, because I'm approximately halfway through right now.)
I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will see you all on Sunday!
-Abi xxxxx