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Seven Minutes in Heaven (The Lying Game #6), by Sara Shepard

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So this is my review of Seven Minutes in Heaven, the last book in the Lying Game series!
So... here's the review!

Seven Minutes in Heaven (The Lying Game #6), by Sara Shephard
Title: Seven Minutes in Heaven 
Author: Sara Shepard
Genre: Murder Mystery 
Release date: 30th July, 2013 
Pages: 371

For months, my long-lost twin has been living my life to solve my murder. Emma's unearthed secrets about my friends, my family, and my past. But she still hasn't found my killer. 

Then my body shows up in Sabino Canyon. Suddenly everyone knows there are two girls who look like Sutton Mercer- and one of them is dead. At first the police assume the body is Emma's. But the truth is bound to come out. And when it does, Emma will be suspect number one. If she can't find the killer soon, she'll end up behind bars... or worse."

My Thoughts
I have kind of mixed thoughts about this book. I did enjoy the plot, but I think I left it too long before reading this one, which was like 2 months  after reading the fifth, because I couldn't even remember any of the most vital plot points from the previous one. 

The plot was good though, once I remembered what had happened leading up to the start of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Not quite as good as "Cross My Heart and Hope To Die", but oh my god, THAT PLOT TWIST. Had I not been spoiled (by my own fault, I must admit) I would have had my mind blown, no doubt about that. 
But I did get spoiled, so my mind wasn't blown. 

The writing was pretty much the same as it's been the entire series. 

There weren't any characters introduced in this story, because it wouldn't make sense this late in the series. 

So overall, this book was a good wrap-up for the series. It didn't go from strength to strength, like I was hoping, but I'm satisfied with the way it ended. All the loose ends got tied up, which is... good. (I did the 3 dots because I was thinking "Isn't that what the point of an ending, all the loose ends get tied up?...)  
Yeah, so I did really enjoy this book, and I totally recommend this series (as a whole), because it is freaky as heck. So, if you like the feeling of not being able to trust any of the characters, pick up this series. Like urgently. 

So that is my review of Seven Minutes in Heaven, by Sara Shepard! Sorry it was so short, but there really wasn't much to talk about apart from the plot... 

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