Friday, 14 October 2016

Girl on the Train Film Review

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I feel like I've been a little lazy with my posts recently!
So today I will try to do a long one!
And a post to do that often turn out to be a long one is a film review!
So why not review a film that I recently went to see?
So here's my review of Girl on the Train!

Girl on the Train Film Review

Now, I purposefully didn't read this book before watching the film. (That's kind of a lie actually. I did try to read it, but... reading slump.) Now, I'm so glad that I didn't. Mostly because of the pressure, to read it before seeing the film. But for once it was nice to sit back and not know what was gonna happen. 

(I have no shame over not reading the book). 

Okay, so the film. I absolutely loved it. It was the sort of film that I didn't know what to expect. Like, I knew it was gonna be dark, and maybe different to most of the films I like to watch in the cinema, but that was part of what I liked about it, leading up to the day that I saw it.  

So I went to see the film. And (pardon my language) but holy crap! I was surprised. It grabbed me straight from the start and didn't let go.
This film was intense from the word go, even before you got the idea for what the plot was about.
It was intense. That was such a big part of this film. It was the first word that I thought of when I saw the characters, the setting (which was eerie as hell), and just the whole story!

There was also an undercurrent of brutality throughout the entirety of the film. It was lingering in the surface, and then, just when you got an idea of what was going on, that brutality bought on a larger role, a character would lose their temper, for example, and everyone in the cinema would jump back in their seat, because when the characters got brutal, it was normally bloody, and gruesome.

Now, the characters. Omg, these characters. The characters in this film are my absolute favourite. There's nothing that makes a book (or in this case film) more interesting than a bunch of mysterious, seriously messed up characters. And this film was filled with them. They all had something to hide and to stress about, which I loved (yes, I am a psychopath).
The film jumped from the perspective of Rachel, Megan, and Anna. Megan is the victim. Rachel is the alcoholic that the police suspect. And Anna is a character that's wrapped up in the mystery of it all. Each perspective is different, obviously, and they all played a part in this spider web of a plot.
The characters were a major part of this story, and it wouldn't have been nearly so interesting had the characters not been so double sided.

All the actors were absolutely incredible, but Emily Blunt stole it. I know I've said that before, but she truly did.

Also, one thing that I did like was that the story counted down in the weeks leading up to the murder, as well, as the time afterwards. In terms of editing, I bet that was incredibly hard, but they managed, so you didn't have to try to remember whether it was before or after the murder.
Also, it meant we got to see Megan's character development, instead of just seeing her as a victim.

Now, the story. I've kind of danced around it this whole review, but here's what my analysis is: It was amazing. It was so complex, a surprise, one after another. It was literally a web. And what made the plot good was that it was intricate, yet raw. It was a whirlwind of events that had you leaning forward in your seat, trying to keep up with everything that was happening.

So overall, I highly recommend you go see this film. It has interesting, raw, and unpredictable characters, a plot  line that is gruesome, intricate, and has you entranced in the story from start to finish, and an ability to have your mind BLOWN.

So that is my review of Girl on the Train (film version)! I hope you enjoyed it!
I will be back on Sunday, when I will be posting my review of "Songs about a girl"!
I hope you have a lovely day, and I will see you then!

-Abi xxxx