Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Staring At A Blank Page

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I don't really know what this post is about, or what you could benefit from it.
I also don't know whether it's a rant, or a discussion, or what.
But I do think it would help if I do a post on staring at a blank page, because it's daunting.
Enough intro, let's start the post!

Staring At A Blank Page

Staring at a blank page is daunting. There's no denying it. The very start is always the worst, especially when you don't have a plan. But once you just get over it and start writing, you won't remember that blank page. You'll remember writing.

And I'm not just talking about a story- this could be for an article, or an essay, or even a CV- so it appeals to EVERYBODY.

But the fact remains that the start is the hardest part of whatever it is you're trying to write. But there are a few things you can do to stop that blank page from being so daunting.

1. Just write.
Just write. If you sit staring at that page for hours, you'll work yourself into a frenzy. (I know I've said this a lot anyway), but if you just write and not care about the content, you'll do so much better. You can always go back and make it better afterwards.

2. Remind yourself that it's nothing to be scared of.
I don't know what else to say for this point other than the title. Just remind yourself that it's nothing to be scared of. You have to write (whatever your doing) eventually, so just get over the fear and write.

3. Be passionate about the subject.
Well, of course you can't make yourself be passionate about something you're not interested in. If you're writing an essay about gravel mines, you're not going to be interested. But if you can find some interest in just one second of that essay or project, your going to find doing the work a hella lot easier than if your not enjoying what your writing.

 4. Give yourself a break every so often.
HOLD UP! I don't mean just write 200 words and then blow it off for the afternoon! I mean, write up to a certain point, maybe for 1 hour, and then let yourself have a 20 minute break or so (it depends on how much you have to get done). Another tip that sometimes helps me is to add little treats on these breaks as well. (I mean like, I'm allowed to have a snack or something during my break if I reach a certain word count in the allocated time). So that also helps.

5. Work at your own pace.
Don't beat yourself up if you can't work at the pace others can, and also don't feel bad if you can write 1000 words in an hour (me, haha :D). Take it at your own pace, just make sure you get the work done in the time given. Just take it at your own pace.

So that is my post on Staring At A Blank Page! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you found some of the things that I said helpful and informative, and if so, comment down below!
I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will see you all on Friday!

-Abi xxxxxxx