Monday, 3 October 2016

The Call, by Pearne O' Guilin

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I believe a review is in the works!
So here it is! I introduce "The Call", by Pearne O' Guilin!

The Call, by Pearne O' Guilin
Title: The Call
Author: Pearne O' Guilin
Genre: Horror, action
Release date: 1st September, 2016
Pages: 333
Blurb: " 'Your people drove them out of their homes. 
Thousands of years later they turn up again - 
and they're gonna wipe you out.' 

On her birthday, Nessa finds out the terrible 
truth about her homeland- the truth.

That she and her friends must train for the
most dangerous three minutes of their lives:

That any day now, without warning, they
will each wake in a terrifying land, alone
and hunted, with a one in ten chance of
returning alive. 

And it is Nessa, more than anyone, who is
going to need every ounce of the guts, wit, 
and sheer spirit she was born with, if she- 
and the nation- are to survive. "

My Thoughts
This book was a decent book. It wasn't the best I've ever read, but it was good enough that it kept me interested in the story from the start though to the end. 
There were aspects that  I liked about this book, as well as some things that I had a some problems with. 
For example, the question as for whether Nessa would survive the call at the end, was constantly preying on my mind, especially as she was at a disadvantage compared to the others (she had bum legs). But her strongness, and her strictness when it came to her training, led me to believe that despite the disadvantage, she might still survive. 
She wasn't just strong when her training was concerned either. Regardless of what she went through, she still carried on, as if nothing would have an effect on her, though it did. 

The plot was creepy as heck though. Completely unlike any horror book I've read (I haven't read many, but it was still incredibly creepy, the state people came back in after The Call. (There's more to it than that, but it's serious spoilers, and I want you all to read this, so I won't indulge you in the spoilers). 

As for the description, it had just enough description. There were more for when the plot progressed, when you needed more description, because these things that were happening, and the Grey Land (which is where the students went when they were called) was insane. The description made you feel like there was so much more to the world that they were experiencing, (it got me excited to read the rest, and find out more about the world that the Sidhe lived in).
There was less description in the parts that, well, didn't need more description. And that was good. 

As for things that I had some problems with, I had some trouble following what was happening in some parts, they were that quick paced, and at some points I had to go back to some of the other pages on the previous chapter just to catch up on what had happened recently, because none of it made sense. I just reckon they weren't explained enough, to be honest. 

Other than that, there wasn't really anything more that I disliked about this book, so that's good too. 

So that's my review on "The Call", by Pearne O' Guilin! I hope you enjoyed it, because I sure did! It really is you guys that keeps me posting on this blog, you truly make my day! So thankyou for that! I hope you all have a lovely day, and I will see you all on Wednesday!

-Abi xxxx