Monday, 13 March 2017

Not If I See You First, by Eric Lindstrom

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it's been a while since I've done a review, so I figured why not do one?
So here my review of Not If I See You First, by Eric Lindstrom!

Not If I See You First, by Eric Lindstrom
Title: Not If I See You First
Author: Eric Lindstrom
Genre: Contemporary
Release date: 1st December, 2015 
Pages: 405
Blurb: " Parker Grant doesn't need perfect vision
to see right through you. She is fiercely
proud and take-no-prisoners- treat her
differently just because she's blind and
she'll shun you so bad it hurts.

And as long as she can keep giving herself
gold stars for every day she hasn't cried
since her dad's death, she'll be just fine.
But she can't run from the boy who
broke her heart forever.
Can she learn to love and trust again?"

My Thoughts
This book had been on my shelf gathering dust for a good six months or more before I actually picked it up. It might have been that I had absolutely no interest in it before a friend gave it to me to read, but I from the time that I got it to a couple of months ago, I really didn't have any interest in reading it at all.

When I started reading it, I wasn't expecting much. But then I picked it up, and I was absolutely taken by surprise by how good it was!

Not If I See You First is about Parker Grant, a normal school-girl: good grades, good friends, a runner; and she is also blind. But this girl has some sass- if you treat her differently because she's blind, she will cut you- as hard as a knife on your cheek.
And that was what made the book kind of entertaining.
Just the fact that the one person you'd want to protect or worry about, or think as different, as much as the character might not want you to, is the one that is actually controlling it all. What blew my mind about it was the fact that she didn't let anything get in the way of what she wanted to achieve, even being blind.

Another thing that I liked was that the normality in the book was consistent. It was a book about a normal girl, living in a normal life. As much as I like the new fantasy books and Sci-fis, it was nice to read about a girl just experiencing highs and lows in her life, which was exactly what I needed to read at the time!

This can also be applied to the characters. They weren't over the top, crazy take-over-your-life friends. They were the kind and supportive, but crazy along with you friends that you wanted when you were in secondary school. They supported her, and calmed Parker down when she got a bit too stubborn and mad. They weren't two dimensional, they did have personalities and problems, but the characters were very very well done.

But there was just something about Parker's character and character development that made this book super interesting, especially the fact that she is a runner. Parker runs where nobody sees her, because she's scared that everybody will come to watch- though she is just a normal runner, there's something different about watching a blind girl run. And to add to that, there's also the ex-boyfriend that did something terrible to her, but now he's back, so there's that too.

So overall, it makes for a rather interesting story. It's got wonderful characters, a simple yet problematic storyline, and if your in the mood for a funny, yet unique book, then this is the one you should pick up! I definitely recommend this, and I really hope you enjoy reading it if you decide to!

So that is my review for Not If I See You First, by Eric Lindstrom! I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you all on Wednesday, when I will be doing a book tag of some sort!
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you all soon!

-Abi xxxxx