Monday, 6 March 2017

TV Shows You NEED To Watch and a Couple I Want To Start

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I have been sitting in front of this blank page for an hour and a half, and I have only just now came up with this idea, which isn't just sad, but pitiful.
I knew I wanted to do something different from what I usually do, and since I spend most of my time watching tv and obsessing about tv shows, I thought that this would be a fun post.
So today I will be doing a post on my favourite TV shows, and some I want to start.
Though warning you now, most of my favourite tv shows, I do need to catch up on, just because I am LAZY!
So here is the post! Enjoy!

TV Shows You NEED To Watch and a Couple I Want To Start

1. Pretty Little Liars
The final half of the last season is going to be released in approximately a month, so I need to catch up on this! I first got introduced to this when I read the first five books like way back in 2012, I think, and over the past few years I've dipped in and out of them. At the moment I'm on season 6, and I really need to catch up before the Season 7 DVD is out! (I've been watching them by DVD, so I can only watch up to the end of season 6). Just in case you haven't caught on to this amazing tv show, PLL is about five girls: Aria, Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and the most devilish leader that was ever born: Alison D'Laurentis. These girls rule the school, and then, out of the blue, Alison goes missing. That was one year ago. The series starts when an unknown person, known as A, starts to threaten the four remaining girls with secrets they once had, as well as now. And the four girls can't help but wonder: could it be Alison sending these messages?
That is season one, but the final season: season 7 has escaladed. I've only included season 1 because I don't want to spoil any non-watchers. But if you aren't watching this series, you need to start watching, because it is insane how good this tv show is!

2. Orphan Black
I'm even further behind on this one- I'm not even sure what season they're on now, but what I do know is that this series grabs you from the first scene, and does NOT LET YOU GO. The series starts when the protagonist, Sarah, arrives back in town after ten months at the train station. She walks forward, sees someone who looks exactly the same as her, and then watches her jump in front of a train. And the story escalades from there. But this is the type of series where you say you'll watch one episode, and then next thing you know, the sun is coming up and you've finished the season. If you like sciency, mysterious, gritty and dark tv shows, then this is the one for you. This is a tv show about clones, and the lead, Tatiana Manslany, is a genius. Because she plays all these clones, and she's such a faultless actress, that you cannot tell at all that it's the same person. Every time a new clone is introduced, you totally forget it's her playing all these clones. I recommend this for 17+, because it can get creepy and psychotic at times. But still, this is one of my favourite shows ever, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to converse themselves in something like I'm making this sound.

3. Once Upon A Time
I've only just discovered this series, so I'm sort of a newby, but if you love Disney, and want to see a different side to the classic Disney characters that we have all grown to love, then this is the series that you should go to. What I like about this series is that it isn't all dark and mysterious plot lines, but it's good to see certain characters from classic and current Disney movies, either be deadly enemies, or be the bad-ass duo of the town where all the people are actually Disney characters in disguise (though they themselves don't know it yet). But this series is so good, and I already love it, even though I'm only still on season 1/5. But that just means I get to meet more characters, and see the story for myself. So if you want a tv show that balances deep and tense moments, intense face-offs, and the meeting off Disney characters disguised as regular people, then this is the series for you!

Series' I NEED To Start
1. The 100
I've watched the season 1 trailer for this countless times, and I'm on the verge of buying this on Amazon so I can just hurry up and watch it too. Based on the book by Kass Morgan, 100 people, who have in one or another way challenged authority, are being sent to the ground where, 10 or so years ago, the world was destroyed. Luckily, they were up in space. They have one mission: To stay alive. That's all I know so far, but something about it stands up above the rest of the series that are similar to this, and I hope I get into this something soon because it looks really interesting.

2. Series of Unfortunate Events
If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I am a HUGE fan of the books, and I've been so excited to watch this. But I do not have Netflix, and so I need to wait until Season 1 finished so I can buy the DVD and watch this show! In case you haven't seen the film with so many film stars I can't even count, or read the books, or got on the train for the TV show, Series of Unfortunate Events centres around three very gifted children, Violet Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, and when they're parents die in unfortunate circumstances, they're shipped off to the vicious Count Olaf, and the only thing he's after is the Baudelaire fortune their parents left them. If this tv show is anything like the books, it'll be seriously dark, and funny and so damn addictive. Can't wait to watch this when the DVD comes out.

3. Shadowhunters
I'm not really sure about whether I should start this series or not. Let me know in the comments if you think I should, I might be swayed! But what's tempting me to start watching this is the hype that is going round Booktube at the moment. And what I like about tv shows is that you get to see a different side to the characters that are already so familiar to you from the books. Add that on to the fact that you get to see them and follow them for longer than you would in the book or the film, if it was lucky enough to be made into a film like City of Bones was.

So that was my TV Shows You NEED To Watch and a Couple I Want To Start! I hope you enjoyed this post, it sort of included books, especially the last three, and feel free to comment about any of these tv shows: Whether you liked or hated them, about whether you think I should pick up a series or not, because I would love to know!
So that's that! I will see you all on Wednesday, and I hope you have a lovely day!

-Abi xxxx