Thursday, 22 December 2016

Books and Music

Hey guys! This is Abi here,
I'll be honest, I was a bit stuck on what to post today.
But finally, I decided to start a discussion on what sort of an impact music has on your reading (or writing) experience.
Because, I think most people use music to either read or write, to be honest (and if you are the exception, then sorry).
I'm even listening to music now, when I'm writing this post!
So sit back, turn on some music, put your headphones on, and enjoy this post!

Books and Music
Music is everywhere. There's no point denying it. Music plays a part in all of our lives. We can love music, or hate it, and we all have our different tastes (mine ranges from Disney soundtrack and musicals, to punk metal).

But the point is that most readers do use music to get into the story, as well as writers. For writers, you can listen to a certain song because they're trying to portray a certain emotion in their writing. It's a way to create writing that the reader can relate to.
(At least, that's what I try to do).

When I'm reading, I turn the music down, so I can concentrate on the words, and it helps me block out the rest of the world, so I can focus on the book.

People even listen to music when they are working on essays, and they want to type fast.

But listening to music that you don't know too well, might be lethal, so be sure to know the music inside out so it doesn't distract you, instead of helping you focus.
Everyone has their own playlist that they listen to to get their work done.

But whether you listen to music or not does depend on the person, and whether they are able to concentrate whilst listening to music, even though it can have a massive impact. You subconsciously read to the speed of the music, and you can read a mile a minute (trust me, this happens). And you take the story in at same time.

Of course, whether you read or write with music is your own choice, but honestly, I think writing and reading with music is great!

But overall, music in general is great, whenever we listen to it. It can inspire, motivate, or act as a block when you want to ignore someone (being the introvert I am, I use this rather a lot! :D)
So that was my music and books post, sorry it was rather short, but I should do a rather long one within the next couple of days (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them review should be up next, so stay alert for that, because it will be long!)
So I will see you all soon! I hope you have an amazing day, especially as Christmas is on Sunday!

-Abi xxxxxx