Saturday, 3 December 2016

November Wrap Up & December TBR (2016)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it has literally been two months since I've done a wrap up and TBR, so I admit, it does feel strange to be doing one.
But I did actually read some books this month, so it's nice to actually do a wrap up!
So everybody, this is my

November Wrap Up and December TBR (2016)

November Wrap Up (2016)
So I read three book in November, which isn't a huge amount, but it's still a lot better than last month, when I only read one book. Those books were:
1. House Rules, by Jodi Picoult
2. Legend (Legend #1), by Marie Lu
3. Prodigy (Legend #2), by Marie Lu
(I actually finished Prodigy on 23:27, the last night of November, so that was a close shave, but I still finished it!)

The TBR Jar challenge for the month was to read a book of 500+ pages, (the book that I picked was House Rules, so I completed that challenge at least!)
Oh! There will be reviews for all of these books, at some point this month, so look out for those!

December TBR (2016)
So this is the last month of 2016. December. In terms of reading, I've had ups and downs (reading slumps) but pulling into the last month, I only have three books that I need to read, to reach my goal of 50 books (which was actually my original goal at the beginning of the year, funny enough) and I have three books that I need to read to reach that goal. So these are the books that I hope to read in the month of December!

TBR Jar challenge: Read a book by a new-to-you author.
I didn't even have to look in the box to know that this is the TBR jar challenge for this month, because 1) it is the only one left, and 2) I've had the book for this challenge since March.
If you've been here since March, you will know that I did go to see Teri Terry in Birmingham in March, (lovely lady, and I love her books even more now :) ), and while I was there, I did also get a signed copy of Flawed, by Cecelia Ahern! Even though I've wanted to read this book for MANY MONTHS, it's kind of perfect that this TBR jar challenge was saved for December, as the final book in the series will be out in *checks back of Flawed book* the 30th March 2017! So, I actually won't have to wait too long before reading it, and something about this book tells me that I'm going to want to read the final book (it's a duology). If you can't tell, I am really looking forward to reading this! Comment down below if you think this book sounds... interesting?

Other Books
1. Champion (Legend #3), by Marie Lu
I'm about 100 pages into this and to be honest, I'm kind of stressing about how this is going to end, because every time I mention this book, people get this look on their face, so I think something is going to happen. I haven't been spoiled, and I want to get to the end, but I also kind of don't. It's a vicious cycle. So far I am loving this trilogy, and I'm glad I can tick it off my list for series. I love the characters, the plot-line, and the world building. Also, they are tiny, so they're not at all time consuming, so that works! There will definitely be a review for this one, because I will have some thoughts on this book! Comment if you've finished the trilogy and what you thought! (Most likely won't read the comments until I finish, because spoilers, but feel free to comment anyway!)

I actually cannot decide what book to read. I've lowered it down to three books, which are actually all winter related. And I'm going to be letting you guys decide which one it is.
Okay, so the three contenders are:
  • The Wolf Wilder, by Katherine Rundell
  • Paper Towns, by John Green
  • Stealing Snow, by Danielle Paige
I will do a poll at the side of my blog, so you guys can vote over which book I should read. The closing date will be when I finish the other two books, so I should take it down by like the 20th December, if I'm on schedule. If I'm ahead, I might even read two of them, who knows? I will also do a temporary text about each individual book, so you know what each book is about, if you don't know them, okay? Great!
Here are the covers for the books!

3. (Doubt I'll have the time to read this, but I'm adding it on the list anyway): Demon Road (Demon Road #1), by Derek Landy.
I know, I didn't read this for the first time all that long ago, but I'm re-reading it so I can marathon the rest of the series in the new year, as I know have the rest of the books waiting for me to read them on my shelf. (And they are beautiful :D, here are the covers: )
(Especially as another Skulduggery Pleasant book is coming out in the new year). I probably won't be reviewing the re-read of Demon Road, as I already have the original review on Post Pandemonium (2016), but I will be reviewing Desolation and American Monsters in the new year.

Okay, so that is my November Wrap Up and my December TBR! I hope you enjoyed it, as it was longer than the posts I've done in the past month, and I will get on that poll as soon as possible! Comment down below about any of the books I read in the last month or what I plan to read this month, as your comments make my day! Really!
I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you all on Monday! (Not going to be posting on Sunday anymore, sorry guys!) So, Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx