Friday, 9 December 2016

Legend (Legend #1), by Marie Lu

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And before I forget... regarding the poll concerning, I'm going to be reading Paper Towns (including the Google+ vote as well, because then the two books are equal). especially as the majority of people I've asked have chosen Paper Towns.
So, back to the post!
Even though I read this book a good month ago, I still have yet to do a review for it.
So here is my review on Legend, the first book in the Legend trilogy!
Also, even though I have already finished the trilogy before posting this review, I will do all I can to stop spoiling the rest of the trilogy for those that have not read the trilogy yet!
And... review!

Legend (Legend #1), by Marie Lu
Title: Legend
Author: Marie Lu
Genre: Sci-fi/ fantasy/dystopian/ romance, I'd say.
Release date: 29th November, 2011
Pages: 295



On the run and undercover, they meet by chance.
Irresistibly drawn together,
neither knows the other's past.
But Day murdered June's Brother.

My Thoughts
Damn, this book! This book was explosive and exciting, with characters that didn't just surprise you with their actions, but also because they seemed real and raw, and everything that makes you relate to people! It wasn't just some sci-fi, black and while action book like I was expecting, but so much more!
I mean, it wasn't completely perfect, but this book kept me interested from the starting page, all the way to the ending sentence.
This book wasn't super original, but there were significant parts (mostly from the character's personalities) that stood out, and gave the book a completely different feel to the rest of the dystopian trilogy's in the market.
The story was kind of predictable to start off with; ongoing war, two perspectives, one trying to catch her brother's killer, then they meet and have undeniable chemistry; it wasn't the most original. There were also a couple of scenes that didn't fit into the plot straight away; I knew these were going to be gaps that would lead on to the following books in the trilogy. But overall, the plot was pretty amazing, considering what the foundation of it all was. There were twists and turns even I wasn't expecting. And then, suddenly it was hit, wham, PUNCH! Knockout. And the Sci-fi element made sure that it didn't read like it was out of date either.

Now, the characters. They read like a breath of fresh air. Two perspectives: Day and June. Completely different backgrounds, brought up differently, in two different sides of the war that is currently taking place. Day failed his test, whereas June got a perfect score.
Yet they have this undeniable chemistry. In terms of their characters and personality, they are both extremely brave and clever. June in experience, in the way she fights, but Day in his ability to escape. And both ruthless and desperate. Makes for very interesting characters and an interesting story.

The writing was infectious. It sucked me in from the moment. Absolutely no complaints about the writing. I could actually picture everything that was happening, and that doesn't happen much. The events of the story were happening that I could keep track of everything, but fast enough that I was excited about the scene that Lu was portraying before my very eyes.

This was the sort of story that in theory shouldn't work. BUT IT DID. And I am so happy about that, as I loved it!
The characters, the story, the writing, everything. It was an amazing first book to the trilogy, and I hope the rest of the trilogy is as good (it is).

So that is my review of Legend! I know it is fairly short, but it is also detailed, so I hope that makes up for it! I will see you all on Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful wonderful day, I am reading Paper Towns next, and I will see you then.

-Abi xxxxxx