Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Love Ya Babe, by Chris Higgins (Re-read)

3 days!
Not long now!

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And Christmas is 3 days away, OMG!

And I was going to be reading Snow Like Ashes from that trilogy, but I had just finished the Lunar Chronicles, and I was also in the I-just-finished-a-long-series-and-am-not-ready-to-commit-to-another-long-series mood. (And yes, I know I have just read Let it Snow, but that wasn't really enough), so I decided to get out of this reading slump (ish) and read a book by one of my favourite authors.
And, I kid you not, I sat at my bookshelves for like half an hour last night, and I decided to read this book: Love Ya Babe, by Chris Higgins.
And, so my review begins!

Love Ya Babe, by Chris Higgins review (Re-read)
Title: Love Ya Babe
Author: Chris Higgins
Genre: Contemporary 
Release date: 8th January, 2009
Pages: 291
Blurb: Caught between family life and school, Gabby's trials never seem to end ...If she's not dealing with her outrageously embarrassing mother Posy, or helping out with her troubled brothers at home, she's pursuing school hearthrob, Si, and making enemies of friends. Life seems tough enough ...but then her older-than-average mother announces that she's pregnant and Gabby's world turns upside down. At first Gabby is determined to have nothing to do with the unexpected arrival. But when the baby arrives it brings with it chaos and Gabby's family start unravelling around her ...Can Gabby's strength and will pull her through her hardest challenge yet? 

My Thoughts
Chris Higgins is one of the authors that I consider reading to get out of a reading slump, or slump (ish). This one isn't my favourite, but I HAD TO READ SOMETHING.  
Ok, this book isn't my favourite out of all of Chris Higgins', because the storylines seem to be a bit more pronounced than this one was, but this one still was, even though, I enjoy the other ones.
Love Ya Babe is about a girl called Gabby, who is a teenager experiencing these things: REALLY embarrassing parents, mean girls that seem nice but are actually awful, a guy that is interested in both her and her best friend, and school.
And then her older-than-average mother becomes pregnant, and everything goes haywire. 
I like the characters well enough, particularly Gabby's younger brother Felix, who is so gentle and honest, and I just love this character. 
But I feel like the way it was written could have been better. I mean, the rest if her books: 32c That's Me, Pride and Penalties, Perfect Ten and The Day I Met Suzie, I just enjoyed more. I don't know why, it just seemed like nothing really happens, that is out of what everything teenager goes through.
But I still read it in a day, so it's not that bad, really. But I just needed a book that would be a stepping stone to Snow Like Ashes, which is what I will be reading next.

So, that was my review for Love Ya Babe, by Chris Higgins. I hope you enjoyed! Again, if you have any thoughts on this book that you want to share, please feel free to comment, Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx