Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Top Books of 2015

2 days!
I can almost see it!

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it is 2 days until Christmas, and then not long after that, it is 2016!
That thought inspired this post today, my top books in 2015!
So, let's get on with the post!

Top Books of 2015
(Please bear in mind that these books may not have been released this year, I just read them this year. Having said that, the majority of these books were released this year)

1. Mind Games, by Teri Terry
If you like Sci-fi books, I highly recommend this book. This book is set in a time when technology is everything, to the point where everyone has a chip embeddded in them so they can communicate with everyone whilst being online. Seriously, this world is like being a character on a website, but you are actually there. You as a person are physically there, and consious and everything. (But you don't actually know that you are in a virtual world)
The way the world is described is incredible. Now, the protagonist, Luna, is a Refuser, (that means she refuses to live the same way as the rest of this world), but she is able to know when she is the virtual world and when she is in the normal world, and this is what she must keep a secret. But when she is singled out for testing, she can no longer hide.
Now, this book is one of my most favourite ever, and I started it without even doing that much research, just because Teri Terry wrote it, and I was totally right.

2. All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven 
Now, I was fairly interested in this book for a long time before I picked it up, and I am so glad that I did. This book is about two people called Violet and Finch. Violet's sister has just died, and she is devastated. Meanwhile, Finch is fascinated by death and is  constantly thinking of ways to kill himself. When these two meet, it starts a whole bunch of fun and awesome stuff.
This book is just beautiful and addictive and tragic and a book that you can learn a lesson from, plus it has an interesting viewpoint: This books jumps from both perspectives, and as the story progresses, you get to see the effect the other person has on the current person (they grow really close, and begin to rely on each-other quite a bit)
Just read it. I highly recommend it.

3. Salvage, by Keren David 
This book really surprised me. I wasn't really expecting much from this book, and so I was very pleasantly surprised with how good it is. It's about adoption, and these two characters that try tp find each-other (they're siblings), but they're from very completely diffferent backgrounds. and I... I just love it, because I loved that the characters just wanted to meet their sibling from a different backgrounds, despite what the people from their own families might think. I... I just love it...

4. The 5th Wave, by Rick Yansey
Everyone who has read YA should have heard about this book by now, because it is being released as a movie in January 2016, and that is the reason that I read it, and I am so happy I did. This book is about a girl called Cassie, who's planet gets overtaken by what they call "The Others", and it is set in waves, like the first wave, they took the power. And her brother gets taken away on a bus to a camp on like the other side of the country, and this book is basically Cassie trying to get to him. Along the way, she falls in love.
So, this book has got all of it. An unwavering goal. Action. Suspence. And romance. I loved this book from start to finish, and I am thurrely looking forward to the film.

5. Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell 
Rainbow Rowell created a book called Fangirl, and that book is about a character that writes fanfiction for a series that features characters called Simon & Baz, and that is the characters that are also in this book. This book is what Rainbow Rowell did with those characters.
This book is about two characters called Simon & Baz, and they are trying to defeat the Insidious Humdrum, and it involves action and romance, and i just love it, because although this book is completely different to her other works (Fangirl and Eleanor and Park), you can still feel her in the writing, and I just love that.
Also, it is very much like Harry Potter.

6. The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder & Winter, by Marissa Meyer
Now, I'm not going to say much because I have done full reviews for all the books in the series, but Cinder and Winter are my favourites out of all four.
Cinder is based on Cinderella, and she is a cyborg, which people don't tend to like, and she is also a mechanic, also this book is set in China. And it is incredible.
Winter is based off of the story of Snow White, and this book is the concluding book in the Lunar Chronicles series, where all four of the protagonists come together to defeat Queen Levana. Best book ever, seriously.

7. Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light, by Derek Landy  
This is the concluding book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series (number 9), and it seems more like two years rather than 9 months ago that I read this! But it was still one of my most favourite books of this year, especially as it was by Derek Landy.
And it follows the battle between Valkyrie, Stephanie and Darquesse, with a team of misfits, and it is a book for all action lovers.
(Don't worry, you'll get it when I review them, because I am definitely going be re-reading the entire series over the course of the next year). Definitely.

And that was my Favourite Books of the Year for 2015! If you have any comments on any of the books that I mentioned, please feel free to comment! And if not, I will see you tomorrow! 2 days to go until Christmas! Yay! Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx