Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Stuff of Nightmares, by Malorie Blackman (Re-read)

2016 is literally two days away!

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And today I am going to be reviewing a book by one of my favourite authors (Malorie Blackman), and that is Stuff of Nightmares!
So, let's go!

Stuff of Nightmares, by Malorie Blackman (Re-read)
Title: Stuff of Nightmares
Author: Malorie Blackman (yay!!!!!)
Genre: YA (Young Adult), Horror, Fantasy
Release date: 4th October, 2007
Pages: 342
Blurb: "It begins with a ride on a train.
But where it ends is on a precipice of horror-dangling on the border between life and death. It's a moment with Kyle discovers that he's not the only one in his class who knows about fear. Not the only one who has nightmares. And now, as Death stalks the carriages, it's a moment when nightmares become real. Nightmares of wars, and a world devastated by chemical weapons. Of a body being slowly stolen, bit by bit. Of monstrous actions and monstrous creatures from old myths. Of jealousy, obsession and a stalker outside your window. Nightmares of everything imaginable.
What will it take for Kyle to face his greatest fear?"

My thoughts 
Okay, re-reading one of Malorie Blackman's books just felt right, like something I can come back to, and a book that I know I will be able to read because I have already done so. And nothing has changed with Malorie Blackman, I still love her books as much as I always have, I am pleased to report. 

Now this book is about Kyle, and who can go into the Nightmares of his friends when the train that they are on crashes and is almost flipped over. 
But death is coming for him. What can he do?
The plot was incredible, despite there not being much of it, ( I say that in a good way, really). There was basically the main storyline, the one on the train, and 13 little ones (the nightmares of his classmates and teacher), and it was really good, as usual!

The writing was really simple, yet it pulled you in from the first sentence. And the way she wrote it left you with no questions, because it felt like nothing was rushed, and you always feel intrigued and interested brought enough to want to read more, which I really love. 

The characters I love every single time I read this book. I never feel starved for information about the characters when I read this, because even if you get different amounts of information about each of the characters, it always feels different. Like, I found a bit of myself in each of them really easily.

I gave this book a sold four/five stars. 

So, that was my review for Stuff of Nightmares! Hope you enjoyed it! I'll be seeing you soon!

-Abi xxxxx