Sunday, 20 December 2015

My Top Protagonists Ever!

5 days!
Officially getting excited!

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And there are 5 days until Christmas because it is on Friday!
And today I am going to be a top 5 list of my favourite protagonists ever!
(I couldn't think of anything else)
Now, let's get to it!

My Top 5 List of Protagonists Ever!

1. Valkyrie Cain, from the "Skulduggery Pleasant" series,  by Derek Landy
This protagonist is really interesting. She goes from being introduced to the world of magic and unreal powers, to stopping bad-guys, and defeating the Faceless Ones, going to different worlds, and just doing a ton of awesome things and meeting a ton of awesome people.
Valkyrie Cain is feisty and kick-ass, yet a protector to those that she loves and looks up to. Yet their's something dark about this character, that becomes more prominent as the series goes on. Just go read about this character in this series. Top class protagonist!

2. Kyla Davis/Rain/Lucy from the "Slated" trilogy, by Teri Terry
Ok, this protagonist is really, very intriguing, and I just love this character so much, because she is literally a breath of fresh air. She starts off as a girl who has lost her memory, and so curious about everything, and that is what I really like about her: she is curious. She likes to find out stuff, no matter how dangerous it might be, which drags her into the situation that it does. She is also really kind and fiercely protective of vulnerable people, but can also be tough, which is another thing that I love about her. Just read this trilogy, guys!

3. Cath, from "Fangirl", by Rainbow Rowell 
I can relate from this protagonist so much. Anxious at first to go to the canteen, but slowly gaining confidence as she gains new experiences at University, like Levi, I don't even need to say anything else apart from Levi, to her mum, to standing up to Nick. It just feels like me, and I understand why she does everything she does. Just, shy yet strong when she needs to stand by a decision, and fiercely sweet and understanding. Top class character.

4. Grubbs from the "Demonata" series, by Darren Shan
This protagonist is the main protagonist out of the three protagonists in the 10 book (10 book!!!!!) Demonata series, and I am so grateful for that. He is reckless, he rushes into decisions before he fully thinks them though (though saying that, he thinks, well the alternative is this, and normally that alternative is much worse than the situation he's about to run into), and this is mainly what I like about him: He makes a decision. And he is so very clever about his comebacks, I just love this protagonist.
P.S.: Also part werewolf/magician.

5. Celeana from the "Throne of Glass" series, by Sarah J Maas
Okay, I know that I have only read Throne of Glass (and Assassin's Blade, but who's counting that), but I just love this protagonist, mainly because she is nothing like I expected her to be, and I am eternally grateful to Sarah J Maas for that. I thought she would be ruthless and cold. I thought that this would be a protagonist that I would hate, but I was completely wrong.
There is the assassin's side of her: poised, careful, strong fast, intelligent and lethal, she never misses an opportunity to get a little closer to the truth of whatever situation she finds herself in. But there's also the humanitarian side to her: warm and friendly, loyal, loving and again intelligent, and they have a little bit of eachother, no matter what.
I just love this character, and everything about her.

And, so that was my top 5 favourite protagonists ever, I'll probably change my mind a dozen times after I post this, and I apologise for posting this so late, but I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you guys soon! And I bid you goodnight...

-Abi xxxx