Sunday, 13 December 2015

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12 Days

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it is 12 days until Christmas! (That is what the 12 days is at the top of the post) and with that I am pleased to announce that I will be posting daily in the lead up to Christmas! (And probably for the 6 days after that until the end of the year).

So today, I am going to be... I have no idea what I'm doing (great way to start the 12 days of Christmas...)
So today I am going to be listing some things that you can do if you have a book blog posting slump.
So, let's get to it!

1. Reviews
Now, this is primarily what book bloggers start book blogs for. To share their thoughts about their favourite or least favourite books with the WORLD, and I put this at the top of the list because looking for reviews is what attracts me to a new book blog (mainly because I want to see the thoughts of other people to see whether I should read the book myself), so yeah, reviews.

2. Tags
Now tags are really fun to do, and I really love to do them. There are tags for every occasion, Christmas. Halloween. And there are other ones, too. Like the Nintendo Book Tag, the Book Life Tag, the Social Media Book Tag, etc. They're just really fun to do, really.

3. Lists/ Top tens
I say lists/Top tens because I just put them in my random other cool stuff that I have posted section on my post pandemonium and I really need to separate them sometime soon...
And lists and top tens are something I have to do when I have bloggers slump, and I can't think of something to post. (That happens a lot).

4. Tutorials
Now, it depends on what the audience if your book blog is, and whether you enjoy tutorials. I generally don't really enjoy doing tutorials, and I don't really tend to need tutorials much, and so I don't post them. But it does tend to be who your audience is because some blogs love to do tutorials. Some tutorials include: How to go from Blogger to WordPress, or how to get out of a reading slump, etc.

5. Monthly Wrap Ups and Monthly TBR
I put these together because they are kind of in the same section. They come one after the other, and it lets people know what you have read in the past month and what you plan to read next. When I see Monthly Wrap Ups and TBRs on Booktube, and I see a book that I am currently reading, or own, I just want to grab that book and hug it to my chest. It just makes me feel great to know that I am reading g or own the same book.

6. Book Hauls
I love to see and post book hauls when I have recently bought tonnes of books that I just want to share with you guys.

And that is my post for today! I'm sure the minute that one post this, I will think of some more things, but they are the only ones that one can think of today! So, Byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxx