Friday, 5 February 2016

Beautiful Books

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And today I am going to be listing my favourite book covers! So, get ready to see some gorgeous covers! And let's begin!

Beautiful Books
1. The "Throne of Glass" series, by Sarah J Maas
I just needed to have the British version, because I think it just looks better (just-I mean, it kinda looks more natural, if you know what I mean. Probably not, but yeah). 
I love all of them, but I particularly like Crown of Midnight, as the colour red stands out, as does Celeana's pose. Like it says "I'm ready to take care of business." She just looks more kick-ass, to be honest. 
I mean, I love them all, don't get me wrong, but Crown of Midnight just stands out more. 

2. Jenny Downham books (that I've read) 
Jenny seems to have a thing for books with beautiful covers, because they are both beautiful, for different reasons.               
Before I die just says so things, but most of all it  looks... peaceful. Plus the natural light I just love. 
Now, Unbecoming looks is so simple, but I have always thought that simplicity is beautiful. And it describes the book perfectly. It looks like it tells you that the book has lots of different waves, plus the red and orange waves of ??? (I know what it is but I'm not going to say because it is a
part of the book). Anyway, the red and orange really stand out against the blue/green. 

3. The "Noughts & Crosses" series, by Malorie Blackman
Now, when I saw these covers, as I went through the series, each new cover, I instantly loved each one progressively more, but when I got to the end, I was like WOW. I mean, I just love the harshness of the cross, and the blue is just exhilarating. Plus the professionalism of the black and white of all the books. Just, cover-wise, unforgettable.

4. "Snow Like Ashes", by Sara Raasch
Okay, now this picture makes it look a bit more bright, a bit more... how do I put this? Erm... a bit more... fake. Because it doesn't show how much it pays attention to detail. I mean, the cover just looks like a completely different book from what it is when it is brighter, but it is still a beautiful cover. 

5. "Red Queen", by Victoria Aveyard
This one just speaks for itself really. Again, it's simple, and simplicity in books is always gorgeous when done right. But it's mysterious. And that's what I love about it. 

6. "The 5th Wave", by Rick Yancey
And finally, the 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey. Now this one just grabs you. The cover says that things a going to happen in this book. That the characters are going to come to a realisation, just in the way that she is walking to the end of the woods to civilisation when the sun is coming up says that. 

And that is all I have for you today! If I have already done this list, then I'm sorry, cos I would have repeated a LOT of books. But I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll see you guys on Sunday, bye! 

-Abi xxxxx