Monday, 4 April 2016

Book of Lies, by Teri Terry

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I have read a lot of books lately, and so get ready for another review!
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Book of Lies, by Teri Terry
Title: Book of Lies
Author: Teri Terry
Genre: Paranormal
Release date: 24th March, 2016 (early, I know)
Pages: 428
Blurb:          "Tell a lie and the darkness will find you. 
Quinn and Piper are twins, but they've never met. A tragic event brings them together, and draws them into a family curse that stretches across centuries. 
One twin can command the darkness; the other could hold the key to breaking the curse. 
But when lies become truth and truth looks like lies, who can you believe?" 

My Thoughts
I wasn't completely enthusiastic about reading this book, because I didn't particularly like the plot too much (from what I'd heard about it at least), but when I went into Waterstones I just couldn't resist buying it, because Teri Terry is one of my favourite authors. And to be honest, I'm so glad I bought this book. 
This book ticks every box (as all of Teri Terry's books do), but this one is a bit different than the others. The others are events after events that are fast-paced and filled with adrenaline. This book also has those events, but the overall story creeps up on you, it's a bit more caution (well considering that this book is a paranormal book, and the others were Sci-fi, it probably should). And I really liked that this book did that. 
The characters are as well rounded and as well developed as they usually are (which is just as much as they need to be). And they aren't just one consistent mood all the time either. You see them be lonely, angry (that keeps the book interesting because they both have tempers), and they begin to love each other as sisters too, which is really sweet to see. 
The writing is harsh and to the point, it doesn't take the long way, it just gets to the point, which is another thing that I really like. 
Overall, I did really love this book. 

So, those are my thoughts on Book of Lies! If you have any thoughts on the book, please let me know! I will see you guys, on Wednesday, and... peace out! 

-Abi xxxxx