Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Beauty and the Beast Film Review

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Saying that, I did go to see the film on like the last week it was in cinemas, but that should be no reason to not post it sooner!
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Beauty and the Beast Film Review
Okay, so everyone (at least anyone that has an interest in Disney) has seen Beauty and the Beast. It tells a story about how you can learn to love not with your eyes, but with you're heart, and frankly, when the idea for a live-action version was released, people were wondering, "When something is so perfect, why go near it?"
The answer: "Technology has caught up to the ideas that were introduced in that movie."
I just love this shot!

And let me tell you, they certainly did it well. Because the whole film was absolutely magical and beautiful and just all round amazing. I don't know whether it was the cinematography that just made the setting look impossibly beautiful, or whether it was how the film perfectly combined the era and what was real in that era, but somehow also related it to ideas that wouldn't have been allowed in that era, but is in this era, or the fact that the must was just so simple and hopeful and perfectly fitted the story they were trying to portray, I don't know what it was. But I am so glad that I went to see this movie.

At the moment, all these things are running through my head- its so hard to find faults with this classically beautiful, amazingly intricate and special film. Although the story stayed intact, there was a lot more added to the film. The characters were more realistic, I guess you could say, and you found out more about Belle's backstory (though I'm not giving any more info than that).

To be honest, when I found out who was directing the film (Bill Condon- directed Breaking Dawn part 1, Dreamgirls), I wasn't really sure whether he would do the film justice- of course, Breaking Dawn did have some beautiful moments in terms of shots and cinematography, I still didn't know whether he was up to it.
He totally was. He was able to capture the era, as well as the story that we all know and love.

Also, you can imagine that I was super excited to hear that Emma Watson was playing well, and she did even better than I thought. The perfect choice for Belle, particularly with the scenes with Maurice. You could really tell that the bond between father and daughter was strong between the two of them (particularly as the rest of the era don't really take them seriously). But you can see how close they are, and that was lovely to see.

I would like a moment to talk about the era that the film took part in. The film took somewhere in France in 1740, when women stayed out home, washing and cleaning  men went out hunting, and went out to earn a living. And it wasn't right for women to read or invent (which is basically the only reason why Belle and her father are outsiders- because they push and rebel, I guess you could say, against what is the done thing), which, I thought, is part of the reason that I love this film so much.
There is also the fact that it brings up the theory that magic is real, which makes the question of magic much more interesting.

And finally, I wanted to talk about the music. Now, being the musical fanatic that I am, if the music is good, then I'm more than willing to give a film a shot, regardless of the plot. But this music, it just... blew me away. There are no words for how I felt when I heard this beautiful music that perfectly matched the story and the mood of the scenes.

So overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and if you went to see it, I hope you did too. And if you didn't, I hope this review has encouraged you to buy the film when I comes out, because I most certainly will!

So that was my review of Beauty and the Beast! I hope you enjoyed it and if you saw the film, let me know what you thought of it in the comments!
So I will see you all on Friday!

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