Saturday, 20 May 2017

May Book Haul (2017)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And even though it isn't the usual time to do a book haul, why the hell not?
I love talking about new books, and at this point my TBR is through the roof, but I just love buying new books.
So enough mindless babbling, let's get to the book haul!

May Book Haul (2017)
1. Mister Pip, by Lloyd Jones
I read this book in Year 11, for my English assignment. And it was one of the most shocking and heart-breaking stories my eyes have ever read. This is a story about a girl Matilda, who after meeting Mr Dickens, and a certain Mr Pip, gets taken on a whimsical and fascinating journey. But on an island at war, nobody is safe. This book is informative, imaginative, and unique. And it packs a punch. I swear to god, this is one of the best English books I've read, so if you get the chance to pick it up, don't hesitate!

2. The Miserable Mill (Series of Unfortunate Events #4), by Lemony Snicket
I found another one! JUST ONE MORE LEFT! (Can you believe I found them all in charity shops??????)

3. Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty
This is one of the many books that had been on my radar for some time. I've already tweeted a pic about this book and other (which is on this list also), so go check it out! (My Twitter is @TheWorldIsBooks). But I hope to read this soon, because I want to watch the TV show (My brother is watching it, and he says it's fantastic!)
4. The Circle, by Dave Eggers
Now, I don't know much except for this book except for the fact that they are creating a movie that is starring Emma Watson in it (she is starring in everything at the moment), and that this story is about the circle- which controls everything. All your internet data in one place: and people can watch every moment of you're life as well. When Mae joins the Circle, she immediately does well, and she becomes noticed inside. But the more her ideals and ambitions start to become scrutinised by those inside the circle, the closer she comes to discovering a sinister truth at the heart of the organisation that is seeking to remake the entire world of it's image.
And I can't wait to read it!


I GOT THE BOOK!!!!!!! (And the pages are red too!!!!) You do not believe how excited I am to read the book, you don't understand. I will definitely be reviewing this, because Teri Terry is my all time favourite authors! This is the first book in the Dark Matter trilogy, and I cannot wait to start it!!!!!

6. The Girls, by Emma Cline
Even though this wasn't on my immediate list for what I wanted to read, I bought this because it is the JUNE BOOK CLUB BOOK FOR MY LOCAL WATERSTONES, and it looked like a book of interest. Now what do I know about this book? From what I know, this is a book from multiple perspectives. It's also pretty short, about 350 pages. But from the blurb, I know that it's about a girl called Evie, who is desperate to be noticed, by Suzanne, a girl at the heart of the cliché she is desperate to be noticed by. Intoxicated by her promises, she agrees to go back to thr rotting ranch where they live. But before she knows it, her life is in deep water- and she does not know how to get out. No matter how short this book, this already sounds intense. And that intensity increases when I find out that there, in fact, murder in this book. More thoughts on this when I actually read it.  

So that was my May Book Haul (2017)! I hope you enjoyed it, and at least I finally posted something! Comment your thoughts below!

-Abi xxxxxx