Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Face-off: Kyla Davis vs Scarlet

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I thought it was about time for another face-off!
So here it is!

Face-off: Kyla Davis (The "Slated" trilogy, by Teri Terry) vs Scarlet (Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce)

Okay, I don't know how much of you guys know these characters, but they are both phenomenal characters and two of my favourites, and to be honest, I reckon they'd be pretty evenly matched in a face-off. 

Well, neither has any magical ability, so it wouldn't be easy to get the upper hand. It would merely be based on who can go on for longer physically. 

I mean, Scarlet hunts fenris pretty much every day, so she can keep up with them. That's no small feat. But on the other hand, Kyla is a runner, she literally spends all her time running to keep her Levo up (a device that stops her acting out in anger).

In terms of weapons, Scarlet's weapon is a hatchet, and she's been using that for years, since she was 11 (she's 17 now), so she's pretty lethal with a hatchet. However, Kyla was part of the rebellion that is trying to overthrow the Government, so she was in that for... I think it was for four years, and there she learnt like a lot of skills like knife throwing, self defence, things like that, so that's pretty even. 

As you can see they are incredibly close in this, so it's actually quite hard. Ermmm... I'm gonna have to go with Kyla. They are incredibly close, but Kyla all the way. 
Do you guys agree? Let me know in the comments!

So that is all that I have for you guys today! I will see you all on Friday, and at this point it's a 50/50 chance that I will be posting my Glass Sword review! The other half... I have no idea. 
So I will see you all soon! Byeeee!

-Abi xxxxx