Friday, 8 July 2016

Top 10 Bad-ass Female Characters

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And yet again I was stuck for ideas for what I was going to post today, but I stumbled on Peruseproject's video of "Top 10 Bad-ass Female Characters", so I figured why not do the same? So here is the list!

Top 10 Bad-ass Female Characters 
Lucky for me there's a handful of bad-ass female characters!

1. Katniss Everdeen, from the "Hunger Games" trilogy
Okay, I feel like this is kind of an obvious choice because... it's Katniss Everdeen! She doesn't even need to try to be bad-ass, she just is! She is first and foremost a protector, especially to her little sister Prim, which is one of the things that I love about this character, particularly as she is seen as sullen and hostile to the rest of the world. Also, she's incredible with a bow and arrow!
You guys should know this because even my mum has seen the films.      Also she's one of the most well-known characters on this list.

2. Scarlet, from "Sisters Red" (Book 1 in the "Fairytale Retellings" series)
Okay, I reckon this character is a contender for the top spot, even though a lot of people haven't heard of it. She is also a protector, also mainly to her sister. She actually has a lot of similarities to Katniss, but also not. She is loyal, and angry, but what is different from Katniss is that she is more obviously angry, like when she is angry you know she is angry. She also hates Fenri with a passion (werewolves) because, you know, tearing out your eye kind of does that to you. Just read this series! I can't really talk though because I myself have only read half of this series. Also, these books are fairytale retellings, (though not the usual ones. Sisters Red is little red riding hood, Sweetly is Hansel & Gretel, Fathomless is the little mermaid, and Cold Spell is Snow White, so not the usual fairytales, but still READ IT).

3. Celaena Sardothien, from the "Throne of Glass" series
Even though I've only read The Assassin's Blade  and Throne of Glass (and I am going to stop there) I feel like I still want to include Celaena in this list because she is an assassin! She reads (that has nothing to do with her being her being bad-ass, but I still thought I'd mention it), and she's got so many skills in battle it's unreal. She's actually like Lara Croft from video-games, but for books. Also, when I read The Assassin's Blade I thought she'd be this ruthless killer that didn't feel anything, (because that's what it looked like from the covers, but she wasn't like that at all. She was a character willing to do anything for her friends, and she was more caring and thoughtful than I thought she would be. 

4. Tanith Low, from the "Skulduggery Pleasant" series 
If you've been here a while then you should know by now that I absolutely love this character, because well, I put her in every list that she has the potential to be in. She can run up walls for christ sake! She is actually very similar to Celaena (and yes I did put them one after the other on purpose), but one thing that is different about these two characters is that while Celaena is more thoughtful and introverted than you'd actually think, Tanith is incredibly witty and funny. She is like a big sister to Valkyrie, the protagonist of the books, and she helps her get her feet in the new world that she's entered into. Plus she carries a sword!

5. Hermione Granger, from the "Harry Potter" series
Need I explain why? 

6. Cassie, from the "5th Wave" trilogy 
When I picture Cassie I picture her running in with a gun single-handedly taking down like a ton of alien-people. I can't remember whether that actually happens in the book (even though I only read it in January) but that's how I picture her. I know that she is fiercely loyal, she travels all the way round the country trying to search for her little brother because she promised she would find him. That's loyal, plus it shows that she cares for her brother.  

7. Tris, from the "Divergent" trilogy 
Another kind of obvious choice, really. Tris will go to any lengths to survive, mainly because the Government is trying to wipe out her kind (Divergents). At least in the beginning. I say she will go to any lengths to survive, because well, it's that or certain death. She sees people dying all around her (spoilers, but kind of not) but she still keeps going, and I love this character so much because of that. 

8. Valkyrie Cain, also from the "Skulduggery Pleasant" series
Can I just take a moment to comment on the cinematography of that image? It just look incredibly smooth and wicked, particularly that ball of fire against the background. Okay, commentary over. Okay, the Skulduggery Pleasant series basically centres around this character because at the start of the series she is a quick witted 12 year old girl that is thrust into a world of magic and mystery, and you get to see her journey from that to saving the world to basically destroying it because she does have an evil side, which keeps the character interesting, I can assure you. 

9. Art3mis, from "Ready Player One"
I can relate to Art3mis so. frickin'. much. She is basically the protagonist's main competitor throughout most of the book. If you didn't know, Ready Player One is basically a race to figure out the clues to get to an egg that is somewhere within the virtual world that most people choose to live in (the normal world is pretty much in tatters). The first person to find this egg is then the next owner of this virtual world, so it's a fairly big deal. Art3mis is competetive, and a team player, plus she loves video-games, as I do. 

10. Gretchen, from the "Medusa Girls" trilogy
Okay, this trilogy is about three sisters that pull together to destroy a crack in the wall between two realities. (It's much more interesting than I'm describing, not kidding). The thing is they all have different skills, and they learn from each-other, but Gretchen was the first one, so her primary skill is being bad-ass basically. 

So that is my post for today guys! I hope you enjoyed it, I will see you all on Sunday, when hopefully I will be doing my review of Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard! (That's right, already finished the Twilight Saga). So I will see you all then, byeeeee!

-Abi xxxxxx