Sunday, 25 September 2016

5 Things I Like To See In A Book

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it occurred to me that I hadn't done a list in a while, and then, after that, what could I do?
And suddenly, I thought, why not do a list on what I like to look out for in a book?
So ladies and gentleman, here is 5 Things I Look Out For In A Book!

5 Things I Like To See In A Book
So there are a number of things I like to see in a book, as well as some that I don't. But today I will be telling you about those things that I do like to see, and then I'll explain them!

1. A Story-line With Some Meat In It
Books are published because publishers think that readers will find them interesting. And regardless of whether the book is a contemporary or a fantasy or a murder mystery, the story-line should have the reader's full attention. It should have a clear goal to solve or to accomplish, along with subplots to back it up. Without a decent plot, you don't have a story. End of. (This is just my opinion, by the way).

2. Authentic & Believable Characters
Now, it's no secret that I like good characters. (And if you're new, now you know). Characters are a big part of the book, and if you don't relate to the characters, then it's very hard to enjoy the book. The characters should feel like real people that you think you'd like to know, particularly in a contemporary book (I mean, the same should apply to characters in a fantasy novel, for example, but it's slightly less important because there's factors like world building in those types of books). So if you don't believe in the characters and their journeys, then what's the point of the book? 

3. Just The Right Amount Of Description
Now this is just my preference, it's fine if you guys feel differently, but I like having just the right amount of description. This changes depending on the genre, for example, if I'm reading a Sci-fi or a historical fiction book as opposed to a contemporary or a romance, I'm expecting a bit more description, because the world is different to the one you and I live in today. But I don't want endless pages of description. Saying that, I don't like too little description, otherwise I'm just left thinking "So that's it? Where's the rest of it?" Comment down below if you guys feel the same!

4. Plot Twists!
Plot twists. Nothing lifts my eyebrows up to my hairline like a good plot twist, especially if it takes me by surprise. I just love them. Also, from a writer's  point of view, they're fairly easy to come up with! (You can't go wrong with a character turning traitor in some way, especially when everything is so close to being accomplished, hahaha *evil laugh*).

5. Writing that just flows... 
And finally, I like to see a book where the writing just pulls you in, and you don't have to struggle with staying interested in the way the whole story comes together. The writing might be smooth and poetic, or blunt and honest, but if you don't like the way it reads, then it's gonna be a whole lot harder to start raking through the pages than if you enjoy the writing. 

So those are the 5 Things I Like To See In A Book! I hope you enjoyed it, especially as this list was sort of different to the other ones I've done previously.

So that is all I have for you guys today, and I will see you all tomorrow. 
I hope you all have a lovely day, and I will see you soon!

-Abi xxxxx