Monday, 19 September 2016

Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
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Here's my review of Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan!

Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan 
Title: Nerve
Author: Jeanne Ryan 
Genre: Thriller, I think 
Release date: 11th August, 2016
Pages: 294

Vee doesn't know if she has the guts to play NERVE, 
an online game of high-stakes dare. But whoever's
behind the game knows exactly what she wants,
enticing her with list-worthy prizes and a 
super hot partner. 

With Ian on her team, it's easy to agree to
another dare. And another. And another. 

At first it's thrilling, as the manipulative audience, or
'Watchers', cheer them on to riskier challenges. But
things quickly get out of hand. 

Will Vee and Ian risk their lives for the Grand Prize 
dare? Or will they lose NERVE?"

My Thoughts
When I saw this book in Waterstones, I didn't think that much about it. I mean yes, it did say "Now a major motion picture", but I just kind of thought, meh. 
But then I saw the trailer. And I could not get the book out of my head. 
Plus the fact that it had been ages since I had read a decent high-intensity book that I actually enjoyed. 
So I picked it up. 

Here's what I thought of it:
This book was as addictive as Nerve was in the book. It didn't go into too muchdetail with the characters, which even though I usually wish there was more details on the characters, this time it worked. 
Because the story was primarily about plot. And the plot had me on tenterhooks. It got to the point where I didn't want to stop reading and go back to work (and I work in Waterstones, so that's kind of hard). What kept the plot interesting was the new dares that kept coming up when Vee completed them again and again. 

Another thing I liked was that Vee didn't change. Throughout the entire book, she didn't turn into this immortal person who could take on anything, no matter the cost. She stayed true to her character, and every time she got a new dare, she thought out the pros and cons, and made a decision rationally. 
Also, she constantly felt guilty of the people that she hurt whilst completing these dares (they were so intense and just plain brutal at some parts).(It wan't good that she hurt people for the Grand prize, but it was good that she kept her humanity). 

This book was immensely fast paced. It was like one thing after another, dare, plot twist, intensity, and craziness. Oh! And then the stakes get pulled up, so there's more intensity. And so on. 

Also, loyalties got tested. Friendships got threatened, because of these dares. That's right! These dares got personal, which again, raised the intensity!

So as you can probably tell, I did really love this book, because I read it in the right frame of mind. If I hadn't read this when I was in the right frame of mind, I know for a fact that I would have liked it as much. 
And lastly, it is no time commitment.

So that is my review for Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan! I hope you enjoyed the review, and I will see you all on Wednesday!

-Abi xxxxx