Friday, 9 September 2016

5 Things To Know When Writing A Book

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And since I seem to be nothing but writing in my spare time, I thought it was time to tell you some of the writing tips I've picked up along the way.
So here are some things to know when writing a book! (I'm currently only in development at the moment, so I can't tell you much, but here's what I have learnt.)

5 Things To Know When Writing A Book

1. You do need an outline. 
An outline is a vital bit of development building up to writing the actual book. It's basically the plot line, scene by scene, but like the overview. (So what the scene adds to the story, bullet points of what happens in the story, who's  in the scene, even some dialogue if you have any specific lines that you may want to remember.) But without an outline, you'll go off in a direction that you just thought of on the spot. And that is not good! (You'll never get the book done if you keep wandering off the plot!)

2. Just keep going, don't quit. 
It doesn't matter how uninspired you may feel at the moment, you don't just quit. Because eventually, you'll think of something, and the words will just come into your brain, and on to the page. You just have to be patient. 

3. Give yourself permission to write crap.
Ever heard the expression "Practise makes perfect."? There's truth to it. The more you write, the better you'll get, and the less time It'll take you to reach your goal. (For example, write 1,000 words, or finish the chapter you've been working on.)

Following on from number 3... 

4. You should set yourself goals. 
Set yourself goals. Surveys shows that if you set yourself challenging, yet manageable goals, you'll get those done, and you'll be able to set yourself a bigger goal the next day... until you finish the book!

5. Other people who aren't writing books will not understand... at all. 
When you're writing a book, you get obsessive. And other people, they don't understand. They treat you like your crazy (and if they saw your search history they'd have evidence), because you like creating characters and worlds that don't exist for a hobby. And they'll try and distract with "fun days out" when the whole time you'll be thinking "I'd really rather be writing right now". So be nice to them. Because they don't understand. 

So those are my 5 Things To Know When Writing A Book! I hope you enjoyed this post, because it was slightly different, and I hope you enjoyed the break of the review-a-thon that I've seemed to do since the start of the month! So I will see you on Sunday, when I will definitely be posting my review of Sweetly! (Look out for that because I don't know what time that will be up.)
So have a great day, and I will see you all on Sunday!

-Abi xxxxxx