Sunday, 18 September 2016

Face-off #4: Mare (Red Queen series) vs Valkyrie (Skulduggery Pleasant series)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And I wasn't sure what to do today, so I tried searching for what I could do.
So I saw that I hadn't done a face-off in a while.
And so, I introduce: Face-off 4: Mare vs Valkyrie!

Face-off #4: Mare (Red Queen) vs Valkyrie (Skulduggery Pleasant)

These two are some very interesting characters, and this would be evident if they were to be in a 

They both have magical abilities (which is one of the reasons that I put them together), but as to who would have the upper hand with that, I need to work out. Let's see. Well, Mare has the power to create lightning (I say create because silvers can generally manipulate the power that is already in the air, but Mare can create , which means that she is more powerful than the other silvers), but Valkyrie has a talent for several different practises. But she goes with Elemental for the majority, so we'll go with that. 
Now, at the start of the book, Mare's power is a reflex really. She didn't know that she had this power, so it's unpredictable. On the other hand, you see Valkyrie progress from the first book, when is nothing but a curious twelve year old. 
Saying that, Mare is older when she discovers her power, so she is able to control it a lot sooner than Valkyrie. 
No, I think Valkyrie takes this one. There's just something to be said about mastering a power for years than just being able to control it.
Valkyrie 1-0. 

In terms of physically fighting, Mare grew up pick-pocketing, which means that she has experience in running away. I guess what that boils down to is that she isn't a slouch in fighting for a long period of time. 
But Valkyrie aint no slouch either. Definitely not. Especially when you spend your day pretend fighting with team-mates who have been doing what they do for the past 80 years. She also fights bad guys herself, and you get kind of ripped doing that- apparently. 
I'm gonna go with Mare on this one. She spent the majority of her life stealing from people to survive, so something tells me she could probably keep going past the point of exhaustion if it came down to it. 

This is where it gets difficult. The decision. I think what it boils down to who is the most powerful of the two. On one hand, there's Valkyrie, who's been learning and growing increasingly more powerful over the course of 9 books, and then there's Mare, who suddenly has this massive power that is even more powerful than the norm. There's also the matter of who would be able to fight for longer. 
And whilst I've been typing this, I've made my decision. 
Mare wins. 

There's just no doubt. It would be close, because Valkyrie is plenty powerful. But Mare would just take it to the death. (If you've read Glass Sword, you know what I mean; she literally becomes ruthless). 
Sorry Valkyrie. 

So that is my Mare vs Valkyrie face-off! I hope you enjoyed it, I will see you tomorrow, when I will (hopefully) be posting my review of Nerve! 
I hope you all have a lovely day, no matter of how much of it is left, and I will see you all tomorrow!

-Abi xxxxxx