Friday, 16 September 2016

Cold Spell (Fairytale Retellings #4), by Jackson Pearce

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Cold Spell (Fairytale Retellings #4), by Jackson Pearce
Title: Cold Spell
Author: Jackson Pearce
Genre: Fairytale retelling, romance, and a fair bit of action
Release date: 5th November, 2013
Pages: 340

A mysterious girl with beauty as flawless as ice 
enchants Kai. When he is swept away by this 
intoxicating snow maiden, Ginny must cast aside
her fears and pursue him. In the face of mortal
danger, will Ginny and Kai's love hold strong, 
or slowly melt away."

My Thoughts
I have to say out of all of the books in the series, this is by far my favourite one. Not so much the main character and her love interest (though I liked the rest of them quite a lot), but because the plot genuinely surprised me, right from the start, all the way through to the end.

This book was the retelling of the Snow Queen, one of those fairytales that some people don't really know that much about (me included). But what I liked about Cold Spell is that they still kept the vital points in the story, except the character became more relatable, (so it didn't seem unrealistic). Though, there are werewolves and a Snow Queen (who may or may not be evil), so the plot may be a bit of a stretch, but it's a book, so if you can't stretch character's lives in a book, where else can you?

One thing that I liked about this book, was the fact that the characters pulled you along, their journeys, and the side characters played a pretty vital part throughout the entire book as well. This is important because they all learn off one another, and this is reflected in all of them at one point. 

The story also pulls you in from the first page, and it is interesting for the rest of the story. 

Now onto the perspectives. This one mostly centred around Ginny, because she is the protagonist, but there were a couple of chapters where the perspective was Mora (the Snow Queen) just so we could see like, what she was doing. This didn't really change much of the plot, but it was very interesting to see inside the mind of the Snow Queen. 

Also, WE MEET ANOTHER REYNOLDS! That's six. Lucas Reynolds is an amazing character. Now, every one of the Reynolds family that we meet seems to have some sort of power, or amazing skill (hunting, or shooting guns), and Lucas is no exception. He is smart and caring (and good at making surprising and convenient appearances), but first and foremost, he is a tracker. 

Another thing I LOVED about this book was the description. Even at the point that I was reading this, (which was on a day that was 27 degrees) it still made me feel like it was the middle of winter, with the description. The description was delicate and poetic and beautiful at times, but at the same time it really captured the harshness of the wind and the cold in the middle of winter, which I did really enjoy. 

The character development was very subtle, but it's something that I want to talk about. You saw Ginny change the most, (though that was more subtle than the changes that the other protagonists made in their journeys) but that was the most noticeable change. She went from planning her life with Kai, moving to the city with him because he's got into this prestigious music school and not really having a life herself, she kinda just shares his, (the relationship that they have is very close) to actually becoming her own person at the end, and I liked this. (Particularly because she wasn't really that much of a memorable character at the start. But she is at the end.) 

So, for the last book in the series, I think it wrapped up everything nicely. I wished the story had ended differently (like I hoped that some previous characters could have made an entrance, like some of the Reynolds family, because they were mentioned), but I was happy with the ending. 

So overall, I got what I wanted from this book, which was some good characters, and a whirlwind story, with twists and turns. I highly recommend this series to anyone who thinks they might enjoy it. 

So that was my review on Cold Spell, by Jackson Pearce! I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you all on Sunday! 

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